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Monday, September 10, 2007

What next

So here i am guys, you have no idea what i had to go through. A bath. All just cuz people will be here from out of town for the wedding. Stupid sister. its all her fault.

She'll be moving out forever and that makes me really sad.

However, throwing this bath in didnt make me much happier.

Sister tried to catch me doing some zoomies after my bath... however i wasnt much in the mood, and all i did was just lay around. I was exhausted! What did she expect.

So i'd act like i was going to do something fun and exciting, and then i'd just lay there.

I wish sister didn't have to go...


Ender said...

I don't know why we have to get baths, we do have a self clean fur! Maybe it's just a people thing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know where your sister's wedding is being held but we had one at my house a couple of months ago. Everyone gave me FOOD ... lots of it .. plus CAKE. It was awesome! Maybe you'll get wedding cake too!

Hana said...

Oh Isis... when is the wedding? Will you get to be BEST DOG?? Zach was BEST DOG at his sister's wedding!

Hana said...

Dear Isis, thanks for telling me about the microchip. Can you ask your sister how much does it hurt when it gets put under your skin. Is the pain just the same as a vaccination?