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Sunday, September 23, 2007

My Niece.

So as many of you were wondering i'm sure about my niece... here she is. She likes to hide under the bed and then reach for you to pet her.

Sister says she also likes to sleep on you whenever she can.

Apparently she runs around like a maniac playing and then curls up and sleeps forever.

Silly cats.

Mom is allergic to her, so she cant be around her very long... which makes me quite happy i must say. She's my mom and no one else can have her!

Sister came over to visit for a few minutes. I made it quite clear that i needed a nice cookie, and i took her to the pantry and made her give me one. i wasnt taking no for an answer. And who could refuse me anyway? Besides, she ups and leaves me here, she best gimme a cookie. She's lucky i still talk to her at all.

I gave her bit of a cold shoulder today. I'm sure she didnt like it very much.

she kept calling me over so i slept under the desk.

I'll teach her.

Anyway, hope all your puppy weekend was great!

i'll talk to you soon!



Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh your niece looks cute, have you met her nose to nose before? I hope your sister gives your yummy treats

~ Girl girl

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Hello! Isis! or should I say Princess Isis......

Pleased to meet you, I hope we can be friends. Thank you for commenting on my blog.

I will put a link on mine to yours so we can keep in touch.

love and licks, your Scottish Friend, Marvin xxxxx

Lorenza said...

Hi, Isis
Your niece looks friendly! Don't be mad with your sister! I am sure she misses you a lot! Glad you got your treats!
I had a very nice weekend too!
Have a good night

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

Hello there Isis! I saw your comment on my blog today, so I thought I would reply to your question here.

Here goes! - to put a Comment Message on your Comments section.....

Log in to Blogger.

Go into the dashboard.

Click on Layout
Click on Settings
Click on tab which says Comments
Scroll down to "Comment Form Message Box"
Type your preferred greeting/message in this box
Click on SAVE Settings - orange box at the end of page.


Hope this helps.

I will reply about the other thing you asked in a moment!

Marvin xxxxxx

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

ok, sorry, think I replied to the wrong query there.

This is how you get your "comments" section on your post to say different things.

Log in to Blogger
Click on Customize, top right I think
There is a large box on the left entitled "Blog Posts" click on Edit on right hand side of this box.

Configure Blog posts will come up here.

There are lots of boxes you can type in your preferred options - it is quite clear on how to do this once you are in this section. Make sure you tick the various boxes also.

If you scroll down there is a box called Arrange Items - and you can check here what it will actually look like on your blog)

Then you just SAVE once you are happy with it all.

I am sorry this is a bit long winded but I do hope it helps you in some way!

ps Jeannie speaking here.....I hope you get on ok with this stuff here, any probs just email me, go into My Profile on Hollow Hound and click on email! I have learned blogging stuff by trial and error and also other bloggers, so any help I can give you, I would be pleased!

love and light from Jeannie and Marvin in Sunny Scotland xxxxx