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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where do you think YOU"RE going?

Sister decided to really take pictures of me last night and this morning. Shhhheeezzz.... i got kinda bored after a while.

Also if you ever see me refer to my mom as Mutti- it means mommy in german. And, being i'm a full german dog... its only natural... sometimes my native tongue slips out... And Vatti is Daddy.

Last night, while i was looking in my box to find the perfect toy to play with....

I heard vatti come down the stairs with a suitcase. The nerve! Trying to sneak out without telling me, or bringing me! I was quite offended. I stopped what i was doing... and decided to teach him a lesson.

By the stairs he had taken off his shoes... so that he wouldnt track them through the house... mutti HATES when he tracks dirt through the house... I decided to steal them.

First i got my head in there reaaaaaaaaaaaaaal good. And sniffed around.

Then i tried to eat the shoe. But its tougher than it looks.

Sister got this embarrassing picture of me right after a good whiff. I mean come on, his smelly foot was in it allllll day. Did you think it would be good? Baaaaaaaaaaah.

Then i tried a different tactic... I tried to make him stay by taking off his sock!

Even though i got the sock, he still took it back and left anyway. What a horrible thing to do. After all that hard work... he still left.

But sister still wanted to take pictures. I think she thought she could distract me from the fact that he left... but i still am sad.

Mutti just got some new plants, and sister let me take a good look. Mutti painted those pots herself. Aren't they lovely? mutti loves Egypt stuff! Don't tell her i had my paws in the plant... she wouldnt be very happy.

Sister loves making me sit and pose. But i'm easily distracted by someone walking upstairs.

My left foot sometimes slides out sideways from under me... do any of you other eskies have that problem? My hoomans think its cute. I think they're silly.

And then this morning, my sister still didnt put away the camera. Something about wanting to show everyone how cute i am. Dont they know i'm a tough kid? Jeez. So... i made her play cookie.

Its only fair, making me pose allllllllllllllllllll day.

So i growled and waited for her to play. Sometimes i have to really try to get their attention and MAKE them play with me. Come on guys!

So i barked at sister and growled a bit, to make her know i mean business. its my turn to have some fun.

Nummy cookies.... so in the end, i had a lot of pictures taken, and got to chew on dads socks and shoes... AND i got to play cookie. What else could you ask for?

Have a good day!




Anonymous said...

Make sure to take the shoes and socks outside if you can. Underwear too!

Hana said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great day, despite having to pose for pictures. At least you got some cookies as the trade-off. Good thinking.

And yep, my feet slide out from under me when I am sitting on the floor. Geez, why can't my parents have carpets in the whole house.