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Friday, September 28, 2007

Hi guys


nothing really new and exciting happening around here- just a few problems really.

Well, i dont know if you guys know anything about "anal glands" (i wouldnt read that if you get disgusted easily), but i had a problem recently with mine. I had an abscess occur, and rupture... which was quite painful for me. Sister made sure to get me an appointment with one of the best doctors- not my usual doctor, but another one i've seen when i was sick (she's best with medications and he's best with shots and compassion, but they're both the very best with surgeries and together an excellent team).

Anyway, she gave me some antibiotics that i have to take, and all that, its a good thing for those, i'm already starting to feel better. Mom and sister are worried that this will be a new problem for me and i would have to have my glands removed, but that could cause different problems as well.

I go back on the 8th for a recheck.

Then yesterday, sister came over all upset, it was her day off but she had come from work- at 8 in the morning.

Apparently my niece had something happen to her while she was in the laundry room, they think she was jumping and missed a shelf, and caused trauma to her eye. Sister said she actually could see blood filling in her eye.

Her pupil constricted, and sister thought she was blind.

However, she got to go home later that day, after the same doctor that took care of me this time saw her, and checked for scratches- there weren't any - and put her on two different eye medications.

The kitten holds her eye open now, and its just dilated from the one drop, and it looks like theres just a little tiny bit of blood left in it. But, the reason the pupil constricted was because of pain, and that she's actually not blind at all.

poor sister was a mess.

She goes back in on monday for a recheck.

But everything is good again, and my niece has gone back to tearing up the house.

Ahhh... to be a kid again.

But, i was never a bad pup.

I was probably the bestest pup ever. This kid's got a lot to learn.



Lorenza said...

Hi, Isis
I am so sorry you have an "ouchy" problem. I hope the meds make you feel better!
I am glad too that your niece is ok! Those rascals!!
Have a great weekend

Maggie & Mitch said...

I've never had anal problems but I hear they're not fun! I hope you get through this bump in the road soon!
You're poor niece! This sounds painful!
You're not having a great day at your house, are you!

Love ya lots,

Hana said...

Oh dear. Anal gland issues. That must not be fun at all!! Hopefully your medicine is hidden in tasty treats.