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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just another saturday.

Sister said they had a meeting today, and used me as an example! well... not really, my doctor just used my name for a pet example... but even still... that means they like me, right?

anyway, not much to post except this really cute picture of me when i was just a puppy. When i first came to live with my hoomans, it was summer time, and whenever i got really hot... whether i was in the house or outside, i would put my paw paws in my water dish...

Aren't i cute?

course i am.

Have a nice weekend.


Tadpole said...

You are adorable! :-) I'm a tiny bit (okay, a LOT) scared of water. I'd rather sit on an AC vent.

And yes, I get cold pretty easily.... But I have lots of sweaters and coats and sweatshirts to keep me warm in the winter. I have booties too, but heaven forbid my girl tries to make me wear them - I'd rather freeze!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Isis
That is a lovely picture of you when you were a little pup! And of course you are beautiful now!
I love water too!
Have a good night

Hana said...

Wow, the doctor used your name as an example? I sure hope whatever it was the doctor was talking about, that it was a good thing. Well, either way, I think you are FAMOUS now!!

Girl Girl Hamster said...

You're so cute in that pic Isis, were your trying to wash your feeties?

~ Girl girl