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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Follow me!

Sister came over yesterday for a little while
to visit me!

And my aunt is in town!
So she got to see 2 in one trip!
How exciting!

I wanted to show you all my garden,
so i told sister she needed to follow me.

Here are the baby tomato plants and other various plants
dad is growing.
During this stage, dad takes care of them mostly.

I nurture them by talking to them.

There are tomato plants,
basil, and peppers in here.
Egg plant and Zucchini.

This is a small little flower that dad is growing separately.
These will outline the side of the house.
Because my yard doesn't wrap around, i will NOT be in
charge of this plant.
Dad will have to do it all himself.

I'm not sure why this plant is separate from the others.
I'm not even sure what it is.
Dad better make sure to tell me before
he expects me to take care of it!

This is the start of my garden!
it's still much to early to plant them.
So they need special love and attention.
Dad takes care of this part,
and i'll take over when they're in the ground!


The Meezers said...

that's really cool. we cannot go out, but efen if we did, we would not be allowed in the garden, 'acuase we would use it as a litterbox, like all of the ofur strange neighborhood cats do

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur the tour!

I khan't wait to see them again when they are older!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Isis!
We only have a small patio in my house. Maybe my grandma could start a small garden like that!
Take good care of all the plants, ok?
Kisses and hugs

Shadow / Molly said...

Oh wow! Look at all does green yummy plants!!! We jus peeked and saw dat our catnip plants are sproutin too - the mom's brown thumb didnt strike dis time fank Cod!!

Teddy Bear said...

Wow, what beautiful baby plants. Are you excited about the garden? I'll be sure to talk to all of our veggies now too instead of just supervising my Daddy when he's taking care of them. Thanks for the great tip.:)

Teddy Bear

Hana said...

Wowie Zowie! You have a lot of tomato plants to tend to! Does your Dad make spaghetti sauce and store it for the winter?