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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

dreams of tomorrow

This is the pill vial my doctor gave my mom of my toofy.

Thats the tooth pieces, how he cut it into 3. The red part is the roots.... Kinda gross. And whatever you do, do NOT smell the bottle. My toof was more rotten than mommy realized.

But today i'm back to normal, and just for you, sister has taken a video (her camera doesnt work with sound remember) of me and all my toys.


See you all soon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the aftermath

Well, the surgery went well, the doctor said better than most times. I had to have a molar removed... and it just so happened that he had to break my tooth into 3 pieces. Sister says she'll take a picture to show you! Very exciting.

I like my canned food that i have to eat, and even though i hate taking my anti-biotics, i still do, because sister says please when she gives it too me. So i mainly stay around the house resting now.

And i still keep watch over the house. Thats all i'm going to say for right now- i'm pressed for time... however, i will be writing again real soon!

As far as toof surgery goes... i've decided... i don't like it.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

You all said you wanted to see me sniffin some flowers, so i put in one from a last year. They are lilies too. I like lilies.

Even if all the orange powder gets all over my face and everyone can tell i've been smellin them...


I havent been on too much cuz sister has been very busy with work, and she's getting married next month.

So she's verrrrry busy.

However she still stops to play with me. I just wish she wasnt movin. Even if its right down the street. That mean old boy taking her away.

Makes me pretty mad.

She promises to get a few good pictures of me soon to show you all!

I'm all nervous about the toof surgery on monday. Sister said she talked to the doctor and he promised to keep a close watch on me and protect me. Sister has good faith in my doctor, she says he's one of the best.

I can still be nervous though cant i?

Pictures soon, i promise!

Right now i'm gonna go steal dad's hat.

Until later!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Long summer

This summer has been very exciting.

My sister planted some nice tiger lilies in our yard this year, i like to smell them.

Although she didnt take any pictures of me actually smelling them. In fact, she didnt take many pictures of me this summer.

How rude!

I did do plenty of exploring in our backyard.

Especially since this was the first year at the beach that i actually ran and jumped and swam in the waves! I loved it. All that hair... sometimes, you just need a break!

Then i did "zoomies" as other eskie owners call them. My family always said i was having a 'fit'

whatever the heck that means.

I went to the vet for my annual shots, and the doctor told my hoomans, that i'm going to have to have surgery to remove a tooth. How sad. I really dont wanna go do all of that.

maybe if i threaten to eat him... ...maybe...

But i have another shot, my lymes, coming up soon, and then on the 27th i go in for the surgery.

Sister works there so she said she'll be with me before and after, and warned the doctor that she'd pretty much murder him if anything happened to me.

Unfortunately, i also overheard sister discussing a certain 'kitten' that she's thinking of getting. Now, doesnt anybody ask me ANYTHING anymore?

thats it, i'm gonna go steal someones shoes.