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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lazy Days

Hi friends! Are you coming to the beach with me today too?!

I love the beach!

Hurry up mom you're too slow! I like to pull mom as hard as i can and RUN to the water! Then i splash around and bark and let everyone know how happy i am!

Today, everywhere mom stepped, i tried to dig! i thought it was really fun to make her keep moving around!

Just a little further...

But then... i got real bored.

I gotta go back in the water guys... i'll put more pictures up tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Through my eyes.

After a quick stop at the beach, we make another GREAT stop.

Well hello! I like this place very much. And although sister tried to give me some of her vanilla sundae- she made very sure not to get any hot fudge on there- i turned my nose up. I don't want that plain crap! i want the fudge! But she says no no no i'm not allowed. Stupid sister.

But but... i want whatever THOSE doggies have...

That family bought some kind of cone JUST for the dog! I want that!

I fail to see how this whole ordeal is fair!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Beach

I finally made it. I'm at the beach guys. Lots of pictures to come. We go to the bay a lot because its not as rough for me, so i can get in and swim. I have a few pictures to show you today that sister took, and then edited to create prettier sunsets- make them compliment me and so forth. So tonight's photos are all edited images. I hope you still enjoy them.

Here i am in a bright orange sunlight.

Lucky for me, there were no other doggies directly around me, so i could swim instead of barking at other dogs.

another one.

And then, a pawprint from the beach- neither of these are the ones that are the new title on this blog :)

She thought it was just a really nice looking set of prints heading into the water. We all really thought they would be great for the appearance of my blog. Haven't gotten the colors quite right, still have to play around with those. Let us know if you have any ideas.

Here's another orange glow from the sun. Remember these are all edited. Sister thinks its fun to play around with the pictures and make different effects. But she always keeps the originals- because nothing is quite like the original.

So we made the sun bright orange.

Hope you all enjoyed these- more tomorrow. Those will all be the originals. :)

Have you have a nice day!


Friday, July 25, 2008

Another award!

Hello friends. I got this new award- courtesy of my good friend Kodak! Me and sister love reading about kodak and his adventures. He's special to all our hearts. His hooman mom is the nicest lady ever, and its nice to know that everything has turned out ok for her.

Here are the RULES of this award:

1) You have to pick FIVE blogs that you consider deserve this award for creativity, design, interesting material and also contribute to the blogger community regardless of language.
2) Each award has to have the name of the author and a link to his/her blog to be visited.
3) Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given him/her the award itself.
4) Award winners and the one who has given the prize have to show the link of the "Arte-y-Pico" blog so everyone will know the origin of the award
5) In compliance with said RULES, the award winner must show the RULES.

Five blogs huh? this is gonna be hard to choose.

Ronak, Hana, Lorenza, Comet & Blu, and Ginger, sparky, & crikit!

Today, i played with sister. A lot.

But first, we went to petsmart. And then, to the v-e-t. i didn't see my normal dr, he's on vacation. So, instead i saw another dr. he was really really fast. He's also a good dr., but mom and sister really like my usual dr. Since it's that time of year where i have to get all my vaccines, next time we'll see my regular dr when i get my rabies shot.

My neice Tesla will be going in september for some vaccines.

But us dogs have more shots than them! the most a kitty gets is maybe 2 a year. Thats distemper and leukemia. but us poor dogs- we get heart worm checks, distemper, kennel cough (nasal drops), and lymes.

and well, the rabies is the only thing that's the same for both dogs and cats. how sad that we cute things need so many things to protect us! We are too cute, we shouldn't get sicky.

Friends. I wanted to share with you the good news. I have finally been promoted! here is the official picture:

I have now gone from pool overseer, to 'Grounds Keeper'.

Its my official job to look after the pool, the insects, the trees, the grass, the flowers, and the garden. Anything thats in my yard is mine to keep and protect. As well as nurture.

Just look at these peppers i've grown all by myself! Dad said i'd been keeping his garden so well, he'd give me a little plant of my own to try. not that i want to eat them- its just the point of the thing. I am a great grower of things.

We must not forget my biggest duty. the pool.

I still find ways to check and make sure everything in there is running smooth.

Now i will rest for a few minutes. What a long day. Vaccines, petsmart, promotion... wow.

What.... sister...?

You want what? My clovers? No you can't have these- i grew them myself! i worked hard, you can't just take things!

Don't make me hurt you. these belong to me.



Thank you for understanding. I still don't trust you.

Well. After this long day, i think i should take a bit of a nap. so i'm gonna go inside now. See you soon friends!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

On Patrol

Hello friends... in light of my recent post about the deers.... i'm standing watch.... Do you think they can see me behind this bush? I'm disguising myself as a Canis plants! I will stop those deer!

Well.. i'll stop them as long as its day time, because friends, i sleep on the beds INSIDE at night! I'm not staying out here all night long, deer or no deer!

I'll be back later today to leave comments on your blogs!

Friday, July 18, 2008

And the winners are...

As we saw yesterday- i won an award, and there are rules for this award.

The rules for accepting the award are as follows:

1. Add the logo of the award to our blog

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs

4. Add links to those blogs on your blog

5. Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs!

Even though i mentioned it before- i got this from Maggie & Mitch.

Now the rules want me to nominate 7 others... so here goes:

Kodak, Comet & Blu, Hana, Lorenza, The Hudson Furkids, and Ronak.

I know thats only six... but these are my very favorite bloggys to read.

Now i was outside the other day watching over my dad's garden- (pretty soon i'll be the yard supervisor, i'm expecting a promotion from pool overseer sometime in the near future)- and i found something very disturbing.

It looks like some deer have been sneaking into the very back of the garden- the newest part that is NOT fenced in the rest of the yard.

They must be coming in at night- and they are just the right height to simply put their heads over the small mesh like fence dad made to keep those pesky bunnies out.

Now i'm going to have to find a good way to scare off these deer....

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hello friends

I have a LOT to blog about. Its all coming up this weekend. I promise that sister will be helping me blog. I hope she can keep her promise in helping. She will do her best, i know this.

First of all, real quick- i wanted to thank my good friends
Maggie & Mitch
for this award!

I will get to commenting on your blogs, i promise. But the reason i really came tonight was to share some really sad news.

Once again, cats and dogs must combine their love, and send warm wishes to someone who lost a furbaby.

Please, visit my niece to learn more- Tesla, OR, go straight to the families blogs to leave kind words. Either way, please please send kind words to the family of forest.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whats this?

This is what i brought in from outside.

Its dad's shoe. He thought by leaving it outside the screen door- the same one i come in mind you- it would remain outdoors.

Not only did i take it inside. But i stole what my dad calls the essence. The "soul of the shoe." dad cannot wear it without it.

i decided to take it through the house and show everyone. I took it through the halls.

I took it in the family room.

Even to the basement.

Then my aunt played with me. I took it to the kitchen where dad was and hid by him, by then he forgot i had it. Thats me hiding from my aunt with dad.

Then my aunt tried to get me there. Silly aunt. I'm much to swift! Or, maybe she just isn't really trying to catch me?

And where i always go... under the dining room table. No one can reach me there.

When the coast is clear.... i sneak back out and start the chase again!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pool Duty!

Friends. I have been entrusted with a very important task. I've lived with my hoomans since i was just a pup. Now i'm seven years old. On the fourth of july- i officially became the overseer of the pool. I have a lot of pictures to show you, and so i will try to post more frequently by spreading out these lovely pictures of myself.

here i am right after i accepted my new job.

I guess i should get started. This year was the first year it was all gross when it was opened. I assume my hooman dad did not do something right last year when he was overseer.

My suspicion is that there may have been a hole in the cover.

As a pup a great thing is, i never have to actually do anything- i just tell my hoomans what i think needs to be done. Its very cloudy in there. Maybe i should open the filter and look.

I never can quite open it on my own. Sometimes there's dead frogs in there, i try to 'help' them out. Mom gets sad when she finds them. So does dad. But, they never let me stick my head in there, even though i really want to. I'm the overseer! i can put my head wherever i want! Only, my hoomans don't see it that way. I have limited power.

So i will just examine the pool from up here, without the filter.

Maybe i need some more chemicals? Hmmm....

I'm not so sure.

I'll keep working on it, and let you know when i make it beautiful again.

Btw, sister is on a 'sepia' mania. She is making all kinds of pictures sepia colored, like the olden days. Says, it makes it look classier. I think she's dumb.

Anyway, enjoy this one, called poolsidewolf. See what you think. Now i'm off to visit your blogs!