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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve is here at last!

Yesterday, sister brought over little Ben to play in MY snow.
How rude. Then, he wouldn't even PLAY with me in it.
He wanted to eat it.
I had to tap tap tap him.
At one point he was eating the snow and i was just holding my paw on his back
barking at his head.
How rude.

Here i am after he moved out from under my paw.
"Excuse me" i said.
"i want to play in the snow."

When he finally did get moving, well.... sometimes he fell down.
The snow was deep in some parts, much longer to the bottom than his
little legs could reach.

Finally he did play with me!

hmmm.... maybe this schnauzer has the right idea, this snow DOES taste

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! hope santa brings you LOTS of toys and treats!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Toes tuesday.

You know what else today is?

today is my grammy's barkday.
AND, my good friend Siku's barkday!

and, here are my toes for tuesday.
boy, these nails need some trimming.
i never let my hoomans touch my feet to do it,
i have to visit the dr. vet man, and he can do it.
but sister says no way until 2010!

and grammy!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday madness.

Waiting for christmas.
it's hard!
i have 4 days before i can open my presents.

oh this? this is my orange monster.
I like to squeak him, and his tongue pops out.
Ben is NOT allowed to play with him, because he tries to rip out orange monsters tongue.
how rude!

I brought it by gram so she can try to grab it from me.

I also wanted to be near the tree. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Decorating for Christmas. part 2.

This is the view of the pretty potted plant hanging upstairs.

the real tree is completed,
and all the ornaments and tinsel are upon it.
are you ready to light it?

the star lights up the room

the lights bounce off the tinsel and make it glow

the real tree shines in all it's glory,
as the light plays on the walls of the room,
and dances into our hearts as we watch!

our star close up

Our trees are ready, bring on the presents!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Decorating for Christmas.

Last weekend we put up the 'real tree'
So dad put it in the stand, and it went into the family room.
It's tradition to have one fake tree and one real tree.

The real tree also gets all the glass ornaments. the old fake tree gets all the
ornaments we've had for years and years, and ornaments sister
and my boy made way back when they were little kids.
here are the glass ones for the real tree:

Sister started bringing over her presents for the family too,
so that they don't have tons to carry on xmas day.
This is just one trip.
They have many more to make.

The first ornament to be hung on the tree this year was hung by
my grammy, and it's the new one this year.

This is a stocking sister bought dad one year for xmas.
we are yankee fans around here. Dad hangs this one by my stocking-
because it's too heavy for the mantel pieces.

Sister takes a shot of a red ball on the tree- you can see the room
behind it all decorated.
you can even see my bed in front of the fire place!

our center piece for the dining room table.
Mom makes it look real special.

... more to follow tomorrow.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Secret Paws?

I sent out my secret paws package at the beginning of the month :) Sister was very quick about it- knowing shipping is ANNOYING during this time of year.

Nikita Cat just opened her gift from me!

Read more about it by clicking on her name!!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fall Walk, final day.

ON the way back from the walk,
sister took tons of shots.
she thought THESE were good enough to share.

i pose in the fall light.

The steep walk up the hill to the car.

looking back down...

the parking lot trees.

the shadows play in the parking lot.
mom told me that's not safe for dogs to do.

We get a drink to end the day

oh boy am i tired!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Fall Walk continued.

there it is!
come on ben!

he keeps stopping to smell leaves.
stupid puppies.

where we just came from

the steps we COULD'VE taken.

uh oh... trouble.
i HATE other dogs.

these dogs had gotten away from their owners,
and one had a broken leg.
Sister called the owners who didn't even care.
Meanwhile, mom had to carry me down the hill to the car...

because they spotted us, and followed sister and ben all around.

then they ran into the woods and the owner/caretaker didn't even go after them.
She thanked sister for letting her know, shrugged her shoulders, said
the girls leg was broken and in critical condition,
and let her run in the woods anyway.

sister was very sad about the lack of care and concern.

but, not all of us have the homes we deserve.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fall Walks.

Look at the colors of the trees this fall day!

Sister can't get enough.
here i am walking with mom up the hill to the mansion.
the next 2 days will be pictures from this trip.

I pose for a shot.

Again i pose.

you can just about see the mansion

Trees as far as you can see.

oh boy!
i can see the mansion!