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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Belated Barkday Wishes.

Today sister came over with this box. It was a nice box.

this box was sent to me from all the way across the land, from my good friend hana!

It was a belated barkday present!

First thing i did? was attack it! And i found this nice toy inside, i threw that box in the air:

Then, sister put on my new necklace hana made me and i pranced around for a while. Then i got right on playin with my new toy! The best thing about this necklace- i can do anything in it!

Here i am with my toy looking pretty:

Sister tried taking my toy to show mom.

I didn't feel like it. I took it right back! Stoopid sister. I do what i want!

Sister wanted to show a close up of what a wonderful job hana's mom did. Here is a close up of everything, but she really wanted you to see the nice rhinestones.

And here, are the nice sequins!

Truly a necklace for a princess!

And the box is a fun toy too! you know how i love boxes!

MINE! I even stole the part from the middle that hana's mom puts in to make sure the necklace doesn't squish! So now, its just an empty box!

Now i'm tired. so much hard work!

I think i'll nap here.

Good news guys. When we go on vacation in july, sister will be there a bunch of times too, so i will be blogging almost daily! it'll be nice because sister is my official blogger. One of these days we're gonna hafta teach mom.


See you soon!

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hey sister! Whats that?!

Whats in this bag?!

I can smell something really good in here!

Something great!

Gimme that!

Can i take it outside?

Sister its mine you gave it to me!

Here i am showing mr. bee my new bone. Isn't it great? Sister had gotten me a smaller one but i ate it too fast. And i kept trying to take the big collie's bone away- and it was this size. So, she felt bad and got me one of my own because the collie got to keep his!

I just want someone to come look at my bone.


Stop picking up my bone!

Gimme. It tastes so good!