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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Sister, you're so slow.

Thanks to my friend Tybalt for this awardie!

Here are the rules:
1) Put the logo on your blog.
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs.
4) Add links to those blogs on yours.
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

This is gonna be a hard task. 7 blogs!

1 Ender
2 Siku
3 Mini
4 Scottie
5 Angus
6 Samantha & Tigger

Monday, September 29, 2008

Guest Star Monday: Chance.

Hello! today's guest star, is Chance Bond

I've been excited to find out, he lives with a dog named shadow!

There's good things about different species who can live in harmony with one another! a happy cat and dog is a great thing! I can be in the same house as Tesla but i still try to eat her.

But chance and shadow are buddies!

Chance, is a very expressive cat. We love the way his eyes get all narrow and accusing. Or just to tell his bean how things are.

He is a lover of Tuna Juice

I too like tuna. But not the juice. I want mom's sandwich thanks.

He tells his bean how things should be.

Lets here it for chance!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Awardy Sunday

Hi friends, thanks to my new friend Mini i have a new award!

"With the Premium Dardos, recognize the values that each blogger shows each day in commitment to transmit cultural values, ethical, literary, personal etc. that, in short, demonstrate their creativity by alive thinking that remains intact from their letters and words. " This label implies two rules: the first, link the blog to which he received the award. The second - pick blogs to deliver the prize.

So, i will now pass along my prize to good friends.

crikit sparky and ginger
Daisy the curly cat
and, everyone's favorite meezers and bill!

Hope you all had a great weekend, it rained like crazy here!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Photo Hunters #1: View

Hi friends. Sister decided to enter me into a photo hunters thing this week. While tesla is doing the view of her pretty face, i'm going to be doing several different views of the same stargazer lily.

This view was after sister sprayed the flower with some water, to create the effect. She thought it would look really pretty.

The view of the inside- you can see that the "stamen" of the flower has been cut. When you have lilies, as soon as they bloom, and the stamen is present, you're supposed to cut that off, it keeps them bloomed longer. We have no idea why, its just what we were told to do. These lilies were for sister's birthday a week and a half ago. The pictures were taken last week. They're just dying now. They live MUCH longer with that cut.

another view of the flower.

Here is one view that sister manipulated slightly. We changed the lighting to let you see the flower differently.

Here is another view in sepia. No matter how many different ways you photograph the lily- it still remains beautiful. :)

I hope you enjoyed my view of the lily. :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Guest Star

My guests for today are Ghost & Jade

They don't post very often, so its hard for me to know what's going on. However, I've seen Jade, and she's a beautiful kitten!

They also have a woofie! Her name is Baby Girl! ( i had to do some research to find this! ) She's jack russell and she's been there living with them since 2006.

And then this is ghost! I can't tell and i see nothing mentioned, but in some of the pictures, it looks like ghost only has one eye. Either way, its a beautiful cat!

We are still learning LOTS about this blog, and hoping to become good friends in the future!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Hi friends!

Sister always trys to make me look really floofy in my pictures. IT doesn't always work.

Here is a close up of my FACE!

Here's a rotten buggy that climbed into my hair. Don't worry, sister got him out. They never reach my skin because my hair is too thick!

I rarely have ticks. And i've NEVER had fleas. Even before i was on any kind of medication. I take Sentinel for my heartworm medication and also causes any fleas to get on me to become sterile- so they can't reproduce (esp. in the house). Its different than your Advantix or Frontline because they kill fleas as soon as they bite you. But, the Sentinel just stops them from reproducing, not biting. So, i could still have them. But, they never could find my body until all this hair! So, they don't put advantix on me.

Its really great, being i LOVE being outside and sleeping in the grass. And i never have any problems. :) This area has LOTS of ticks too. But, they can't find me! Nah nah! But i do get the lymes vaccine just in case!

Now lets RUN! This is what i did AFTER that video sister took last week. She was trying to run away from me but couldn't because i kept pouncing on her! muahahahaha! she's not fast enough! You can hardly see me in this picture, because i'm blinding in sunlight! However thats me in mid-run!

Now i've run back to the shade, and here i am turning around in mid-jump/run!

ahhhh shade! Now i'm tired!

I was gonna play more, but decided i was way too tired!

Right after i was in that picture, i jumped up without warning and RAN all the way back inside and left sister out there by herself! here's the photo she took of me running away... only she missed. I was around the pool and up the stairs so fast... she didn't know what happened.

I'm thankful today for my speed! And having fun outside in the sun and shade. And for anyone willing to play with me!

also, thanks to my friend Mango! who gave me this award:

i will pass this on to...

The Meezers & Billy Sweet Feets

And another brand new friend, Mini

have a great thursday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tales on Tuesday

I'll show you more of my grounds keeping skills today. I hope you've all been enjoying my posts of friends on mondays and fridays! Even though we just kind of started that! :)

Well, HELLO sister!

Sister kept trying to get me to pose in front of these pretty flowers- The Cannis- and i just wouldn't do it. Its HOT in the sun over there!

Instead i was walking around behind her roaming in the shade. Its much nicer there. :)

Remember my own personal plant? Look how well its doing! WOW! Its so nice and healthy. I've done very well for just a pup.

Here's some random wild tomato plant who just popped up! He's kind of cute. I shall name him Fredrick.

:) Have a great tuesday!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mystery Guest Monday!

Today's guest is.... Angus Mhor !!

I'm learning a great new deal about kitties.

This kitty's name is Angus.

He's allowed in the backyard with his mom. She watches him and brings the camera (of COURSE!).

I'm amazed at the amount of kitties that will stay with their beans and not take off running. I was always under the impression that cats would never stay put outside.

Sister lets tesla out on her harness. She does stay close to sister... she didn't used to. She will walk over and cuddle all over her and then go and watch to eat bugs.

I wonder if Angus likes to eat bugs? I like to eat bugs too.

Angus also has some hammies that he watches out in their play pen. Once he tried to play along. His beans thought this was a threat to the hammies- although he assures us no one was harmed!

It seems like kitties get blamed for an awful lot of stuff they obviously don't do! :)

He also is EXTREMELY flexible:

Look at him go! Wow!

I can't sit like that. I think i'd break.

To sum up some things.

Our favorite things about this blog:

1. Angus is quite the handsome animal. Even if he is a cat. So, he's fun to watch.

2. His stories are a lot of fun!

3. I'm pretty sure he's the only animal in his house. So he knows what its like to be the baby in the house!

I hope that me and Angus become good friends. I really enjoy his blog!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Boy am i tired! What a long weekend! Hope you all had a great one!

Today, is Tesla's 'gotcha day'!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Work with Cleo

Thursday at work, my sister's friend CLEO came in! you all remember, that the wonderful Hana's mom made Cleo her ribbon necklace?! Well, cleo came in for a check up, so sister wanted to take a picture. Cleo loves her necklace, and wears it ALL the time! And it matches her so well!

However, Cleo RARELY sits still and lets you take a picture! She's always on the move! So for a camera phone- its hard not to get blurry photos! Sorry about the horrible quality! It would have been a great shot if she had just sat still!

But here is darling cleo sniffing her mom's pants. Her mom works with the dogs ALL the time, all day, and she's a great lady! So cleo's wondering who her mom was playing with today. So many smells from a kennel!

This was the closest we got to cleo not moving, but, its just a belly shot! You can't see how adorable cleo really is. After 10 shots and no luck, sister gave up!

But she's a very happy dog!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Kimo and Sabi

Two great kitties, Kimo & Sabi are my guest bloggers for today.

They are pirates today, sailing along with most of the CB.

We are new to this bloggy. We've found that they must have wonderful beans, for who else would put up with kitties that are after their booty?

WE thought that was a WONDERFUL picture, so we had to share with you! :)

My favorite thing about this blog:

1. its general upbeat attitude!

2. the beans are fun!

3. the kitties are adorable!

And, who could resist the recent flea picture?! Its great!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today, i am thankful for, my grounds keeping skills. I have successfully covered our pool- as its MUCH too cold to swim now. I am sad that my beans will not spend as much time out here as they do in the summer. My boy is off to college now, and his problems seem to be finally leaving. He's a healthy boy again (as much as he can be) and hanging out with friends again.

If you follow me up over the cover- careful now not to step on the blue bags, they have water in them to keep the cover in place. :) I like to sometimes step on them by 'accident' i like the swoosh it makes.

These are some Easter lilies sister got in my boys honor back in spring while he was having such a hard time. She told dad that when the blooms were gone, cut them back and take them out of the pot. And he said they'd just die and never bloom again. Dad was right again. Oh dad. But now we have Easter Lilies! Friends- if you don't know this- never let your furbaby anywhere near a lily by herself- they are poisonous to dogs and cats! (and probably hammies too! Don't eat the lilies!) Luckily i've never been one for eating plants, but tesla eats ALL plants, so mom can never see her lilies when she gets them, has to keep them locked in a room and watch closely if tesla is there.

Alright sister, right this way. This is my wonderful garden. See how nice i kept it? However, we're getting towards the end of the season... not much i can do with it now. Some of the tomatoes are getting buggy. I don't like buggies, so now i've let my minion do it. Dad.

A nice shot of the tomatos.

Another angle.

As a way of helping the environment also, we take all the left over vegetables and put them BACK in the soil. So things grow wild in it, because its so happy and healthy! I don't think this counts as a dare though :(

Now for the main event! (i will get to commenting tonight when sister is home from work!)

Chapter 2:The Pirate Kitties.

Sister and i are new to this blog. But, we like what we see. The story all started with 2 crazy kitties. Captain Jack, and Sir Dante. They sailed the world. In fact, they're leaving for another pirate trip tomorrow- and are taking other kitties with them, for meow like a pirate friday.

We like that they look for treasure and bring their friends along its so sweet!

The newest member to the crew, is Fagin. Named from the wonderful character in Oliver Twist, (he was always my favorite in the movie when i was a kid). There was some hardship in the beginning about keeping the name. However, the CB stood behind the name and tried to help them decide what to do.

The name was kept, and i couldn't be prouder of anyone. We were so incredibly happy when we read about this!

I'm looking forward to learning more about these kitties, and joining them, if they'll have me, on some crazy adventures!

My favorite things about this blog :

1. They're pirates. Duh.

2. They're all very handsome mancats.

3. We can tell by the pirate ship their beans let them have, they are loved very very much.

And any blog that shows your beans love you, is a blog we like reading. Its the most important thing ever!

I also would like to say, i think i'll have a special meet the friends post on mondays and fridays? is that ok with you guys? Doing it in a regular entry makes it a lot longer than people want to read!

So, we'll have a 'mystery guest' monday, and a 'honorary guest' friday. or something like that. :)