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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Sister was out this morning. Very very busy.
She went to visit a nice lady.

She breeds min. schnauzers. She heard from a client at her job...
that she had one pup left that didn't have a home yet.
This lady has the sister, Annie- and is ALSO the lady that sister new back in spring,
that she helped put down Joshua the schnauzer with.
Sister loved joshua very very much. And said one day she would want one just because of how much sister loved joshua.

So, this lady said, go talk to the breeder... you can have the litter mate.
But sister doesn't have a house right now :( just a small condo- and since she has the 2 cats
she cannot have a dog.

But sister is supposed to get a house sometime in the next year.

This is little Ben. He is the litter mate to Annie.
He is black and silver like sister has always wanted.

And the breeder agreed to hold ben for a year.
Sister will have her min. schnauzer.
She will have Ben.
Say hi to the newest member of the family.
You will see tons of pictures of him,
because the breeder said sister can take him out anytime she wants.
Sister is very very happy.
We just found out this morning
So, i wanted to share the news with you all,
my closest friends!


ps--- we are going to try to think of another name! can you help us?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't forget!

Hope everyone's holiday was lovely! mine sure was!

But right now, things are SO busy, i haven't had time to update!

But sister should be over soon with tons of new pictures to take.

don't forget about me!

i sure won't forget about you guys!



will comment and post
real soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas EVE

This time tomorrow, I'll be waking up the boy.
it'll be christmas morning.
All the presents will be here.

This will go to its new owner. The wrapping will be torn off.

Bows will be discarded.

Ribbons will be tossed aside so carelessly. Everyone forgets how hard the little elf mom worked this year.

The paper won't matter.

ALL the paper won't matter.

The ribbons won't matter.

And in one day, one hour, one minute, one brief shining moment... the package will see its glory in the arms of its owner... and then...

it'll be a christmas massacre.

But never fear little elf mom. i will NEVER forget.
And neither will sister.
We know you bust your little elf hiney.
We love you.
isis and sister.
Merry christmas mommy elf.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is coming...

The elf, i mean, mom, has been busy!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday: MORE christmas photos!

Monday morning. Still no sign of Santa.

All i could find was the fake santa and mrs. paws in the hall.

I even checked the bath room. Just mom's bonsai trees.
(the one on the left is poisonous to pets- when mom got it, the store didn't tell her, she had to look it up online- if you have bonsai check online!)

He wasn't in this mirror either. Just a baby seal.

hmmm...... Hello? SANTA?

ARE YOU IN THERE? no. just stupid sister looking back.

I'll teach you mr. tube, trying to tell me santa was in there.

Oh wait. He's just on mom's mirror.

Christmas Horse, have you seen Santa?

How about you other christmas horse?

So far- the official report is no one's seen him yet. Keep your eyes peeled.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time out for a break.

HOW about some pictures of ME for a change?! AFTER ALL i AM a christmas wolf!

raow raow!

See my pretty face!

Grrrrr growl grrr

Alright... maybe a few too many of me. I don't feel like posing right now guys.

NO i won't look at the camera.

Mommmm don't help her. :(

Ok how's this?

I'm bored. those stuffies sure look good.

But moooooooooooooooom

How's this one? this is my serious face.

Was that a good try?!

I can't wait until christmas guys!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is mom an elf?

Well. I see found your way in here! I must warn you. Do not tell anyone, but i think secretly, my mom is one of the christmas elves!

For sure, she has to be an elf. I mean, she's short like an elf.
She's cute like an elf.

Here is the elfie wrapping table.

All the presents wrapped with care and love.


ONLY an ELF can do it!

*EXCUSE ME!* i burped.

Remember now, don't tell mom i told you all she's really an elf. :)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Fun Friday!

First off- a lot of people have asked me WHY i'm up at 6 am! First off- i'm not! but sister is. Sister however pre-posts my blogs, helping her to keep me up to date with everything and making me blog everyday. Its hard keeping 2 blogs running, and commenting, and working, and everything else she 'claims' she does! So, when she's done her normal morning routine and getting ready for work, she takes a quick look over mine and Tesla's blog to make sure everything is how it should be!

Now, on to upstairs!

That same lovely german stein that was all fall covered last month, is now adorned with christmas flowers!

AND all of the christmas stuffies are out! MY FAVORITE!

All the snoopys we've collected. And some SNOWDEN- a snowman that target used to make.

Every year they had a new snowden. the boy loved them so much, every year on his birthday, mom would give him a snowden.

Some special christmas books- AND yes, thats a white christmas bambi!

A pretty small table of angels next to my boy's room.
They can always watch over him. I gave them the job myself!

More christmas stuffies!

psst.... do you think mom would notice if i just took one...?