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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Presents from friends

Unfortunately for all of us, sister isn't here with her camera. But i will be going to the beach again- and sister promises to get a special water camera just so she can get great shots of me on the beach!

I did want to stop and thank Rocky, Bear and Angel Lacy Lulu for this wonderful gift on my blogoversary!

Thanks! you're the best!



Saturday, May 24, 2008



Today, is my one year blogoversary!

I would've had sister take pictures, however, i am on vacation! i guess my hoomans decided i just have been so good, and also well i did just turn 7, that i could be rewarded by going to the beach!

I'm living it up guys!



Today, is my one year blogoversary!

I would've had sister take pictures, however, i am on vacation! i guess my hoomans decided i just have been so good, and also well i did just turn 7, that i could be rewarded by going to the beach!

I'm living it up guys!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

goodbye friend.

Mom said she couldn't have a dog as big as he is walking around the house. And since i really don't like him and try to bite him, she feels really bad.

Sister called the rescue today, they came and took him away.

...sister couldn't stop crying...

Saturday, May 17, 2008

What the...

Do my eyes deceive me?


What the HECK is THAT?!

can i eat it?

Sister says no i can't eat it. but.. WHY can't i eat it. Its in MY house.

I can if i want to.

Sister brought this thing home with her yesterday. Said, his owner was on his way to the human society. But she's known this dog since he was JUST a pup. She said she just couldn't let him go there.

i dont see what the big deal is. I mean come on. just look at the size of that nose!

Sister says she just loves him. She thinks he's great.

i just dont get it.


I don't like other dogs... but i've been pretty good with him. thats what sister says.

You stay in this gate, its MY house!

oh sister, what have you done?

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Birthday ISIS!

Today is my birthday! Lucky me!

Guess what sister brought me?! TOYS!

Its a hide a bee toy. Its really really cool! Look, i can fit my nose inside!

They can separate?

GIMME the bee. Thank you.

Closer look....

Then i got a birthday cake, just like sister gave Hana for her birthday. She thought it was soooo cute!

Look at this bee in his hive...

now just this bee...


Thats mine thanks.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Thursday Walkies.

I'm becoming quite used to thursdays. In fact, they might be my favorite day.

For the passed few weeks, mom me and sister have been walking and going to the most beautiful places!

Tomorrow we're going for a really long walk again. Unfortunately for me... i will have to see the dr. man, and have him trim my nails. Sister says they're just toooooo long! And since i try to eat her if she tries to do it... I hafta go visit the dr. man.

Its ok though, he's nice to me. And pets me and they all like me there.

Well. I am really pretty...


Can't wait for my walkies tomorrow.


On the 14th- i'm going to be 7 years old! Can you believe it?! I wonder what kind of wonderful presents sister will get me?!

AND! on the 20th, will be my blogoversary. Thats right. ONE full year!

Lets all celebrate!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Waterfalls!

Today, sister mom and i went on a great trip!

To a huge waterfall! And we found this huge field too, that no one else knows about! it was great.

Here's me standing with mom in the field.

And here, is the shot of where we are:

To get here, we had to climb a steep slope... (this is from the top)

It was rough but we made it! It doesn't look that steep, but it was i promise!

then mom and i decided to run a little bit.

See us runnin?!

But, we're not as close as you think! Here's where we are without the zoom! We ran far!

And here i am running back to sister. There's no sound, because we used the camera.

Then i stood and rested in the shade for a minute...

Then a brief stop at the top of the waterfall, to get a quick drink!

You can't tell from this shot how high up we are, but i'll show you the view from the bottom soon. See, you can see over the edge of the falls right here....

Oh drinks are really good!

Here you can see, we're at the bottom of the falls. I'm walking and cooling off in the water.

I even jumped in at one point, not on purpose... i slipped off a rock... but i was happy and swam around. It was pretty deep. Here i am coming out of the water.

And then, here's me and mom. See the top of the falls? We were way up there in those first pictures.

After that picture, some other doggies showed up and i had to leave so i wouldn't eat them. Before this, we had the whole park to ourselves for about an hour and a half. It was very nice.

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Thursday Adventures.

Hello friends! Sister is trying to help me post more often.

Today, i went to Tesla's house. This is my niece. You click her picture to learn more about her.

She didn't come out of her house the whole time i was there! The nerve of some kittens! I just wanted to bark at her.

Then we went for a walkie!

Look at me go!

We found some nice flowers.

There were nice trees to sniff.

Theres the bridge! I like to drink the water near it. See the bridge?

These are some views of my favorite water spot.

Up the steep slope

Round the bend...

What? More flowers? Come on sister.

Here are some pretty purple ones...

But then, as we were walking... something smelled really really bad... kind of like... a hiney... this seemingly innocent weed... not so innocent. the cause of much pain to the nostrils.

Then back to sisters house.

I spent a lot of time looking out the back door at the porch and the people walking by.

It was a good day.