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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Inside on a tuesday.

He smells like a dog.

Mom, can't he sit outside?

All my hoomans are petting this little thing.
what's this about anyway.
i'm waaaaaaaaaaaaay cuter.
And don't forget floofier!

Seriously guys.
i'm putting my paw down.
I've had enough of this nonsense.

Look at him hamming it up. I could throw up.
Maybe i will!

Benny! Quit it.

Smelly bugger.

And NOW they're giving him my old owl toy to chomp.
Excuse me, but just because i haven't played with it in years,
does not mean i want HIS slobber all over it.

No you can't take my owl out !
those are the rules!
no stuffies outside the house!

Rotten dog.

Sister we need to have a chat about this here pup.
When are you returning him again?

He can't be here to stay. I mean really.
Look at the mess he is!

Poor owl.

Ben! That's MY owl! Stop playing with my toys!

I'll take it with force!

Benny... you leave me no choice!


Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday with Ben.

A nice sunny sunny day.
Benny takes my ball and prances around the yard with it.

He thinks he can tease ME with the ball.

Silly dog.

That's MY ball!
Take THIS!


umm.... did you hear me?

hello! aren't you scared of me?!

hmmm... he appears to not care.


The little bugger decides to chase me!

then lays down for a rest after a nice game of chase.

Benny. I really do wish you would calm down.

benny: ok isis. i'll relax a bit.



Run run run!

Ben loses me when he stops to smell the air.

Looking around.

Running again

He's got my ball again!

Ben, what are you doing now?


Ah! chasing again!


He's always on the move.

Finally sitting still.

This is a good one of ben.

Moving again.

My goodness, does he ever just stop moving?!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Operation: SAVE THE POLES!

The empty pool waits...

Dad gets ready to drain the pool...

He fills it with water from the pool cover... what's he up to?

Hello... can i come in? says benny.

The tadpoles are relocated to safety of the pool.

Look! they have legs!


Look at the new home we made them!
as they grow, they swim to the top,
chirp, then hop happily to freedom!

Dad puts them in this net- sister helped him fish for
those poles this year.
They caught all of them!

I whisper happy things to encourage their growth.

Hi guys. When you grow up, next year will you
give us MORE babies in our pool?

i hope so. i love watching you grow up!

Look at them go!

They seem to enjoy the new world we created for them.

They're fun to watch.

What do you think?

Sister grabs another net full.
At first, it doesn't look like much is in there...

The same net, a whole bunch are in there, look!

Small ones with no legs, or small ones with very tiny legs
are put into this giant bucket.
When we're all done here, dad will drive over to a nearby pond
and let them go so they have a better chance of survival.
There are just too many to keep in the pool.

Benny, whatcha looking at over there?

Wow! sister found one that had a front leg!
he's the only one (that we found anyway) with a front leg!
He will get to stay here and grow completely.