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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Puffs!


Sister had to do kennel last weekend.

She got to walk the small dogs (they're easier
for her) in the yellow kennel.

There, she met two little puffs:
Magic & Mystic, the papillons.

They were SO cute!

Sister opens the door to take this shot and they

And jumped in her faaaaaaaaaaaaaace!
(she was kneeling of course)

The one who's eyeball you can see
is Magic.

He also eats all the food :)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hi guys

Yesterday sister
me mom and
benny (the stinker)

all went for a nice long walk!
it was great :)

It was finally nice enough to go and do something!
its been cold and icky around here.

Sister said it's only been 1 full week
this wednesday.
And they have 2 MORE weeks
of total kitchen restriction.

But hopefully we'll have nice weather
again soon- so we can walk and show you pictures!

But for now, here i am dropping off benny
at his house!

Bye benny!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The water town end.

Benny stops to read some pee mail.
Isn't that just like boys?

We walk along the boards... to our next destination

It was dark and gloomy, so we didn't stay much longer...


Please be patient- we haven't been on blogging much
sister's been working a LOT lately-
and benny has seriously regressed with his house training.
Last week he pooped AND peed in the house
and now he's going in the hallway on his way back in from outside.

Sister has been advised to take away his free run of the house
*he was doing SOOOOO well before!*
and put him back in the kitchen.
She has to do that for 3 whole weeks.

Sister is VERY upset and depressed.
And has to spend all her time with benny in the
kitchen- so if we are not around as much right now

will be back as soon as i can friends i promise...
i won't forget you,
don't forget me!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tales on a tuesday. More adventures.

This is a small lighthouse in the area.

I get on the bench on the dock as
sister asked me too, just to pose for some

However, neither of us could pay attention.

Whats over here?

how about here?
and benny lays down.

Wow i'm bored.

Can i go swimming like the ducks?

I'd rather be walking around than doing pictures.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday Excursions of the Water Town.

You can also see some of our adventures
over at Benny's blog.

Last thursday it was supposed to be bright
and lovely out.

It only was nice for a brief walk.

We went to a town 30 minutes from home
that is right on the water.

It was very dark and spooky
the way the clouds were hanging all over.

i told mom i really wanted to visit the dock.
so we did.

There were no signs saying no dogs allowed.
so i made myself at home.

See part of the town there?

I liked it out there on the dock.

I saw some pretty cool things.

And found out i probably DON'T want to
swim in that nasty dirty green water...

Heres a view of the dock from where i stand
at the edge.

Look, i met some cool birds!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tales on a Tuesday.

BENNY come ON.

I'm off the ground in this photo:

We really were running through the snow!

Bark bark bite bite.

I like having someone to play in
the snow with!

Benny run!

Look at all the ice crystals on him!

Nothing stuck to me,
i was practically dry!
Benny however, was like a wet rag!

Shake it off benny!


I wanna run some more please.

After wards we warm up inside.

Who's ready to run again?

Monday, March 9, 2009

More Snow Pictures

Come here benny benny benny...
i won't pounce you...
not even a little bit...

*stalking a baby goat*

I am wolf like you know.
And benny IS goat like...
It's only natural... to try to get him.
Look at us go!

bark bark woof woof you're not running
fast enough benny.
this is MUCH to easy.

What's that?
we heard another dog
barking in the distance.

Then i stalked ben again.

Well. Run. What's wrong with you

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Snow snow snow!

Benny came over last week
when it snowed.
Look at us!

This was benny's FIRST real snow!
He's seen the ground covered, but
this was up to his belly in some spots!

(that's mommy with us)
he doesn' t have the majestic coat that i have
so he can't stay out there too long
he shivers and shakes.

Sister made him go inside although he wanted
to play more with me.
She took him in front of the fireplace
and melted the ice balls that had accumulated
all over his furs.

He was COVERED in snow!

This is my backyard!

This is probably the only snow we'll get this winter.
And then my spring duties will begin again.
Maybe ben can help me?

I don't know if he's capable of such a job.

I've heard goat babies aren't as good
at being Grounds Keeper
like i am.