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Sunday, October 28, 2007


The weekend is here again pups!

And to make it even better, yesterday sister dropped by for a surprise visit. She came with her husband, and she played with me a whole lot!

Its nice to be played with.

I think she made this special visit just for me!

How great!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Toys for everyone

So this is the fun present my sister brought me on saturday. I like it a lot. It kinda looks like a boomerang. I hope it lasts a looooooooong time.

Even though this picture is blurry, sister said she still likes it. weirdo.

And this one is my "are you still taking pictures of me?" face. sister says its great. Whatever.

It was all rainy out today, but i still got to go roam around outside. I like it. i find it fun :) It was a good day. Thanks for your good wished toward sister. she really appreciated it. :)

-love, isis

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

hello pups.

I havent written in a while, and i'm sorry.

Saturday sister came over and brought me a brand new toy! but she forgot her camera. Apparently sister is still having a rough time right now, so she hasnt been able to help me post.

I heard that the kitty's sutures came out today, and she still has to keep the collar on though, because she still wants to destroy her own feets. Who does that.


Anyway, i hope things are good for you guys.


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nose to nose.

Hello pups.

I finally met my niece for the first time! What a mean kitty! Sister came in the door holding her up for me to sniff, but so the kitten couldnt get me.

She started growling and swatting the air... and trying to get me, but sister held her head real high so she couldnt get me. She yelled at the kitty and took her back outside.

what? all i was doin was sniffin! I was being good. I didnt try to eat her like i did with the last pet sister brought home. that no good 'rescue' pup she saved from some kind of 'humane society fate'. that one i tried to eat occasionally.

but they wouldnt let me eat him either.

Its not fair.

but i was being all nice and she was trying to get me.

oh well.

Sister tried to 'wrap' the kittys feet yesterday cuz when she got home they were all bleedy, from her chewing and chewing at them. So sister wrapped them... which doesnt work on kittys.

So she had to go back to work and get her something even better....

The solution.....

mwah ha ha!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bad kitties

Sister tells me she's having a rough week... apparently a lot of people she and her work knows are passing away. they have a whole bunch of viewings and funerals this week... and some of her doggy pals are taking really long naps and not waking up anymore....

Sister is pretty sad right now.

But Tesla is biting at her feet and has to go back in to the dr, because she's making her toes bleed and sister is worried about them.

Silly kittens, they dont leave anything alone!

hope all is well at your part of town.

love, isis

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lazy Saturdays!

Mom dad brother and i went on a short vacation for the weekend. I'm at the beach guys!

Living it up!

Tesla the kitty has returned home from her surgery... and spending most of her time like this:

have a great day!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day of fun.

these are some pictures from yesterday.

This is a picture of my toy that looks just like my baby. I like to carry it around with me.

Me and the baby toy thing. It used to be sisters. her friend got it for her because it looked like me. :) Now i get to have it cuz i always wanted it, and sister felt bad for moving.

I'm getting ready for halloween. i brought out my vampire toy sister got me a few years ago. he used to make halloween sounds, but i broke his sound box.

they snuck a bath in on me... i tried to hide in moms room... but they found me...

Sister then tried to clip my nails, as you can see i was having none of that. I dont get why they have to do that anyway. I've been so good! i bit her a few times, and then the only nail she cut, she cut too short! She felt so bad, she stopped and said she's gonna make my dr. do it.

Then i got to go for a car ride to pick up brother from school! see thats me in the back seat with brother. He pets me good.

Now i'm resting again cuz i'm gonna get to go hang out at sister's house, cuz the cats not there. so i can go play with her toys! hahaha!

What a long day! Today my mom and sister went shopping, but when they got home, they took me to sisters again, and i got to run around there for a while. I like when sister visits... even if it means i have to have a bath once in a while.



Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monday, October 8, 2007

christmas time is on its way

Hi friends!

can you believe its already october? that means christmas is around the corner. and THAT means you have to be looking for presents already.

They insisted i show a picture of myself in front of some packages mommy wrapped a few years ago.

See... i've always been cute.

:)Anyway- i'm excited because i get presents too! And sister is always good at wrapping them extra special for me. She gets white tissue paper ( so my fur doesnt turn colors ) and i get to open the presents cuz i love tearing tissue paper, and then a wonderful toy is inside!

I hope sister gets me something great this year.

Oh pups i had my recheck this morning, and my doctor said i'm 100% better!

Thats great news guys!

and my niece's eye ball is better too!


Saturday, October 6, 2007

No more in that room.

i'm gonna try like copper to make a poem.

In the room where sister used to sleep,
I will go no more,
For i'm very angry and sad,
that she went out the door.

Once upon a time,
with snuggles i would play,
even though i wasn't allowed,
she would take him away.

I would chew on her pillow,
and blankets and sheets,
it was just a big game,
until i fell soundly asleep.

She would pretend to be mad,
but be smiling the whole time,
we did this every night,
a fun game of mine

To my only one sister,
i miss you so,
and now into your room,
i never will go...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

upcoming events.

So, on monday i have the recheck with the nice doctor lady. I heard mutti use the 'bath' word to sister.... probably implying that right after my recheck, there is a bath in store.

I dont like that idea.

Even worse, i heard my sister mumbling something about a toe nail trim.


Monday, October 1, 2007

Hey pups!

So i've been doing much better lately! My medication is great!

My niece now has a blog too. She's a bad kitty.

she's driving my sister completely crazy.

Decided she doesnt even want her anymore, but her husband really loves the kitten.

Woof! kick her out i say!

Anyway- to hear about how horrible she is, read her site!


Hope to have new pictures soon!

love to all!