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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waterfall continued

Some more nature photos. You know through all of this i don't think sister actually took photos of the waterfall itself. Just really where i was playing.

This is the path the hoomans take to cross the water! Its a far away view from where we are really standing in the water.

Then we have a close up of the stepping stones. Some of them have some water on them, but they're not too slippery. Some rock back and forth though which causes the hoomans to panic. hahahahaha. I however have no trouble. But i don't use them very often. I prefer to dip my feets.

Another far shot of the stepping stones as we go farther and farther from them.

Here i am happily basking in the sun rays that manage to sneak through the trees. They make me glow :) Sister just loves this shot, says i found the light in all the dark. Just like us pups do. We always find good. :) We ARE the light in the darkness. Its our job. Sister believes that anyone who doesn't have an animal to love and care for... is missing the best part of life.

More pictures soon!

Friday, August 29, 2008


Sister and Mom and My Aunt took me to the waterfall last weekend! I wanted to share some pictures. And i will be sharing them for the next few days! I hope you enjoy them!

We walk down the path.

Some shots of the woods

the path again

The stream to our left

Me swimmin!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Lovely Ribbons!

Sister asked my friend Hana's mommy for a special gift. A friend of sister who works with her ALWAYS gets me treats and rawhide bones! And tells sister not to pay her anything!

well, Hana's mom always makes me amazing gifts, just like all the necklaces you've seen me wear, they're from her! Sister thinks they're so beautiful!

They are special Ribbon Necklaces! Sister took a picture to show you Cleo's new necklace:

We can't wait until tomorrow when sister gives her the present! She's going to be so happy and excited!

I will have adventure pictures up hopefully tomorrow from this weekend- but for now, feast your eyes on this gorgeous gift!


Friday, August 22, 2008



I need you to read something. Something very serious.

Chai lost his tongue because of a TOY. His owner went to the company and they said 'tough luck' basically. Your animal is worthless. And then many individuals sent emails to the company threatening boycott, and they said ok fine we'll recall the item.

Then we found out about Cole. He died in 2005 from the SAME toy. His owner told the company and the company promised to change the design. They lied, never did a darn thing, and now poor chai has to learn all over again, how to eat, drink, and live. What's a dog without his tongue? Its not right!

Do not buy any FOUR PAWS products! They don't care about our animals!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Garden

Today i'm going to show you some more of the garden!

Its right this way...

Remember my Personal Plant dad gave me? Its full of Peppers!

Here's a good view of the Tomato Plants! Aren't they huge?! They're so happy and healthy. This is the section that's inside our fence.

See? Here some are ripe. Dad has been picking them, and mom makes them into homemade sauce! And yes maggie and mitch that was Basil i was hiding behind. We grow our own basil, which we use with our own tomatoes, and make our very own sauce! Its the best around!

Here is also a tree that i nursed. She grew big and beautiful! I can grow and nurse lots of things!

Here is a huge pink flower!

Sometimes i like to just sit and take in all my land. And admire my hard work!

I heard mom talking to sister about taking a walk tomorrow! But sister hurt her back real bad, and can't do very much! She has to lay around, and hasn't been much help at work. :( but they've been good to her and understand!

What's in this? Nothing but rotten old rocks dad didn't want.

Tomorrow i go to see my dr. again. Its for my lymes shot. And then i'm done again until next july!

But i do have to go in occasionally in the fall winter and spring anyway, because i refuse to let my hoomans trim my nails. Thats when i try to EAT THEM.

So wish me luck tomorrow, and pray that sister feels good enough so we can all go on a long walk!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tiger Impression.


Don't i make a good tiger?!

See those columns? Sister gave them to mom for her birthday, they were plain white and then mom painted them... don't they look professional?!

Two updates:

The lady that had the schnauzer that sister loved, is going tomorrow to look at puppies! We're so excited!

On a sad note, please join sister tonight in lighting candles, her good friend's dog was put down yesterday (sister had to help with the procedure). his name was sailor. He was one and a half years.

He was rescued from a shelter who was going to put him down. Then, not too long ago he got really really sick. Something was really wrong.

His days ended yesterday. Please send prayers to help him cross the bridge with friends.

He was a special dog to sister.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Crazy Sunday: Revisited.

Hi sister! How are you?! I missed you!

Today i want to show you how well my garden is doing! Come with me. I will show you part today, so that you will have plenty more to see this week!

Here are the tomatoes that those vicious deer were eating!

Don't they look good?! My secret, is some mesh fence type material right here.

I can smell, they've been around here recently. But i think they're backing off. I've shown them i mean business.

Me and mom showed sister some wild strawberries!

However, sister said they taste like plant. Not good and sweet. mom told her she read they were sweet and great! However, both of them spit them out.

Then, we found a wild flower!

And the close up...

Thats all for today friends!

Back tomorrow!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hi friends.

For Sprout

Just wanted to have a quick memorial on here today- the funeral for the baby is about to start now- at 9am.

In other news,

Sister took the boy child to the community college yesterday- wanted to try to help him sign up for classes. However, they now make it mandatory that you sit through the boring orientation EVEN if you've already gotten your acceptance letter. They used to let you skip it.

But because he has good SAT scores, he can skip the big test. But now he has to wait until NEXT thursday to go in and sit through that boring orientation. Sister says it was so bad she tried to sleep through it. They make you watch a boring video about the school and why you should believe its great.

They don't even talk to you- no interaction... whats the point? You're too lazy to talk to us? We're too lazy to watch it. Is what sister says.

But, sister will be over again tomorrow hopefully an be able to take some good pictures of me.

You should see the pool these days! Its really really clear and pretty. WHOS THAT?!

I still am in charge of the garden too. That looks nice. I'll have to show you tomorrow pictures of my crop!

Being grounds keeper is hard work.

I think its about time i get some sort of payment for all i do. You can see my hoomans right there, discussing my new request. Its not looking good.

I like to leave my furs to blow around the yard too. The birds use it for nesting material! I'm multifunctional!

Alright guys, thats all for today!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Ending

For all of you that were here, when sister rescued the collie pup, Kelly, we have some updated news today.

I don't think i ever told you about what happened with Kelly. Kelly and his brother, Kasey were brought in to sister's clinic at 8 weeks old. She saw them on their first appointment. They were all wriggly and cute.

She was there for each puppy visit and vaccine. Was there when they were neutered at six months. Even walked them a bit while they were there.

They were 15 months when the man came in and said, give them all their vaccines, and clip them, they're going straight to the humane society after wards. Sister was heartbroken- as were many of the staff members.

So, she called my mom and asked if we could help them. Unfortunately, our home isn't big enough for 2 seventy pound collies.

So, sister took her favorite, Kelly. And had to say goodbye to Kasey. (who was adopted out of the hs 3 days later) She had high hopes that the family would fall in love and keep him. For, she lives in a condo and couldn't take him herself.

He was legally released to sister. Everything on him was signed over to her. For 2 days, he was her dog. And she loved him.

He was far too big, and i hated him. So, sister gave in, and called the rescue. She knew the rescue through a client- who is extremely wonderful- and has collie's of her own that she got through this rescue. So, on this ladies word, sister called them. That sunday he was taken away. Sister cried really hard, was so upset. Didn't want to let him go.

Sister contacted the rescue yesterday, and heard back from the lady- (she had been on vacation) but he was finally taken home and adopted! Sister is so happy!

(i promise i will leave you all comments soon)

Monday, August 11, 2008


thanks to sister being stupid, we didn't get any pictures of me at the vet in my collar. Everyone did love it though! they came from all over the building to get a look at me when they heard i was there and how EXTRA beautiful i was! I did however, get a picture after with her camera.

Me after my rabies vaccine. hurrah! Last one for this year is next friday, when i receive my lymes. I hate shots. But i don't mind my doctor. I like him a lot. I even let him cut my nails with out even a grumble! thats amazing! If sister or anyone else even touches them (other doctors too) i growl and show my teefies. But when he does it, i just wag and smile at him while he tells me how good i'm being.

Wanted to take a special moment to mention my new friends blogs, the Duo Disaster and Scottie who is a mini schnauzer (sister's favorite!).

Sister said that probably next year (depending on the housing situation) she will try her best to get her own min schnau. She's calls them Schnaus- pretty much because, well, she's slightly dumb. All the ladies that come into work know her as the schnauzer lady, and they all look for her when they come in. Everyone lets her know when one comes in, because she just adores them! It all started with this one that came in 2 years ago. The first one she ever met. And she just fell in love with him.

He's passed away since then, back in the spring, and sister was there with him. She said it was one of the hardest things ever (as a tech you have to be the one to hold the animal during the procedure) and she was lucky to get to say goodbye. She is also friends with the family. Its amazing how much love an animal can bring, and new friends as well. He had been getting really sick, and was snapping at people and trying to bite. But when it was time, sister held him, he didn't growl or snap. they knew each other, he looked in her eyes and let her know he knew it was time. They all said their goodbyes.

Sister keeps in touch with the family. She hopes they'll get another one as well, maybe even litter mates. She still gets tears in her eyes thinking about him and that time, how peaceful and wonderful he was. He will always have a special place in her heart. The lady will also be coming to sister's pups first visit to the doctor. She asked if that would be ok, and sister thinks the idea is fantastic! So its because of this pup that sister decided this is the dog for her. She loves all kinds of breeds, but this is just it, and she knows it.


I've received an award from the duo disaster!

Thank you so much friends!

To pass this award on...

*Scottie my new friend!

*Hana my good eskie friend who i love so much!

*Kodak whom i also love very much!

*Ronak even though he doesn't blog enough, we always laugh and love his pictures!

*Maggie and Mitch for always having lots to tell us about, and never being dull!

Now, on a sad note.

Since sister is Tesla's mom, she spends much time on the cat blogosphere. They have there own news page, and update and take care of each other. Sister thinks the system is fantastic! And she's bringing it to you. You don't have to do anything, but if you are interested in helping other families in need (not just cats, dogs, humans) you should check out the blogosphere yourself. They have prayer requests for one another- postings of sick kitties and everyone donates and helps each other pay for surgeries, treatments, meds, or our newest donation- airline tickets.

Right now, Monty Q Cat has lost his human baby. At just 3 months old, she took a spill in the kitchen and hit her head on saturday. Rushed to the emergency room, the family was under the impression the baby would be ok. 130 sunday afternoon the baby passed away in its mothers arms.

Now, theres a funeral this weekend, and the cats are trying desperately to pull together and help out. they would like to send Lynn, the godmother, to the funeral and help out with funds. Now, if you are interested in helping, there are several ways.

One, you can go directly to the Blogosphere and click the donation button. Every little bit helps.

Two, there is an auction being held by grr, midnight, and cocoa kitties. Unfortunately they are just kitty things, and most of you are pups.

Three, another auction is here at Beau's selling 'squillions' which are statues of kitties. This one will not be up for long. But at least its something that you could actually use.

thats all for today,

Hope you can help, if not thats fine. Just leave nice notes for the family of Sprout. Thank you all for listening!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last of the trip

I am home now friends. But i wanted to share the rest of those pictures with you from my beach trip!

During this trip i met another Eskie. He was really really sweet and his name was beau. He wanted to be my boyfriend.

Sister stood between us watching and on guard. She knows how i can be. But, i walked right up to him and sniffed him. And we sniffed. He wagged his tail.

He said he'd love me forever. He was very stocky. Kind of low to the ground, and shorter than i. How foolish we would look!

We are not made for each other little beau. It just wouldn't be right. Besides, i'm spayed.

So he thought that it didn't matter that i was spayed, for he was neutered. He thought i was beautiful anyway, and wanted to be my boyfriend. This guy just wouldn't take no for an answer!

So i sniffed his nose as he sniffed mine.

Then i took a deep breath...

And said NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO and tried to bite his face!

Sister jumped in the way, and i bit her instead. She said i was so mean.

I didn't mean to bite sister. Its ok, she forgave me. Said she could never be mad at the baby. ...Thats me :)