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Monday, May 28, 2007

Today i was outside sitting on our picnic table, actually, they caught me sleeping on it. See, i'm kind of annoyed at having to get up and have my picture taken. Especially when sister shoves her face in my face and makes me give kisses.

It was just cool enough out this morning that i could just lay around outside.

The other day i ran to the basement because it was so nice down there, and grammy turned off the light and closed the door because she didnt know i was down there! Its ok because i'm not scared of the dark, and i quietly waited for someone to find me.

This weekend my aunt was here, and she left early this morning, so i watched her drive away through the window.

Doesnt it make me look headless? Sister really has been taking a lot of pictures lately, all because of some new fancy camera she got. Its like she cant find anything more interesting to take pictures of! Its getting old. She makes me sit all still so she can take some photos. Silly sister.

Yesterday she took me outside because it was so hot and let me run through the sprinkler. It definitely made me feel better.

Good thing she didnt take any pictures of that... how embarrassing! Me being all soaked. She thinks its really cute but i dont agree.

But it does make me feel better.

Anyway, i'm going to go off and play with my moose, and i'll see you all soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lazy Thursday

I dont like all this hot weather.

I tell everyone constantly that i'm too hot, but no one seems to listen. I miss the winter days when i could just lay outside for hours and hours...

But mom says its perfect temperature that we can leave all the windows open, but she doesnt understand that with all this fur, its just too hot! I step on the air conditioner vent and tell him to turn on, but no one seems to be listening to me. I cant wait til they let me go swimming, its that time that i should be able to cool off a little bit, and steal dads hat. I like to make him chase me round and round. Haha... he's too slow, he'll never catch me.

Last year sister let me play 'clover' with her. I grabbed some clovers and decided that i wanted to play. I may look mean, but i really just wanna play a whole lot.

Sister went for her long thursday morning walk today, and she didnt take me along. She says i cant go because i want to eat other doggies. I dont understand why i cant just go have a little fun. thats no reason not to let me go play.

So instead, i stayed home with mom, and layed out on the deck for a while. Sister said if i'm real good, she might take me swimmin next week somewhere special.

What's she talking about anyway? I'm always good.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Hello! My name's Isis, and i'm an American Eskimo (german spitz). I live with a bunch of hoomans who know their place is to worship me.

My sister hooman works with other animals somewhere, i dont like it very much... because everytime i go there they give me shots, or trim my nails. Now if theres one thing i cant stand, its a nail trim. They used to do it right here in my house but my sister says i am just too difficult and takes me to have someone else do it.

I hate it. The other day they took me there, and i showed that doctor lady! I tried to eat her, but sister held me tight... the doctor man wanted to muzzle me, but sister wouldnt let him. Just wait til he comes near my feets... i'm gonna chew on him a bit...

I dont like other doggies, they dont understand that i should be the only doggie everyone pets. I want to be the center of attention, and they just dont get it. I like to stalk them and try to eat them, so i'm not allowed near any other doggies.

This is me this morning, playing cookie... the grammy hooman gives me lots of cookies, but i like to be played with when i eat them. I want attention, and thats what i'm gonna have.

I'm not a mean doggie at all. I'd never bite anyone (unless they're trimming my nails), and even then i dont mean too, i apologize right afterwards. I like to growl and show my teeth to make people play with me, but even when i'm playing cookie, you can put your face in my mouth and all i'll do is kiss you.

I think thats good for my first post, i'm sure i'll have lots more to tell you later.