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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas part 3: The Lighting of the Tree

Here it is in all its glory... our wonderful tree!

Notice the lights on the wall- its all from that wonderful star! As the light in the star heats up, it spins the thing in the middle- and it changes the colors all over the wall and ceiling. it truly is a special star.

Green lights...

yellow lights...

tinsel and lights...

pretty colors...

our bells- these actually play christmas music!

the m&m lights doing their job.

more lights!

:) this week i will be showing you lots of decorations throughout the house!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Christmas, part 2: ornaments and tinsel.

Here is a red ball from a LONG LONG time ago!
And then, there's an m&m christmas light!

Here is goofy from a mickey christmas carol- dad hangs this one because sister says he makes 'goofy sounds' all the time.

This is also my boy's ornament. He loves the dough boy!

Sister and mom hung lots of snowflakes!

Sister hung this one. She thinks they're very pretty. Also, thats my hair in the picture!

Look at all the ornaments I get to see!

here is the tree after mom and sister put the tinsel on it. No one else can do it right, so every year, mom and sister slave away at the tinsel.

The special thing about tinsel is when the tree is lit- it makes it look even brighter with all the lights reflecting off of the tinsel!

Stay tuned... tomorrow i'll show you the lighting of the tree!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting Ready for Christmas!

I got out all the ornaments for mom!

On our FAKE tree, we put all t he little fun ornaments we've collected for years! Every year we have 2 trees. We will be getting a real tree too, which will hold all our fancy glass ornaments.

Here are our collection ornaments.

Hmmm... i wonder which one i should pick first?
(and just so you know, that was MOM under the tree, not sister!)

Here is our tree. Sister grew up with this tree. You put the pieces together by color code.
The star, is very special to all of our hearts. There aren't many like it. Mom got this star when she was a little kid. Her mom and dad got it, and we've never seen another family with one like it since she was a kid.

Also, with our fake tree, we overload all of the ornaments.
its just tradition! notice there are some on the bottom too, sister put them there so i can see them too. :)

Also, as tradition goes, EVERYONE in the family has to put on one ornament. So that means brother has to stop playing his video games for 3 minutes and come hang one too.

He always hangs this ornament: the gingerbread man, my boy's name is written on the hat, and the man is made from crushed walnuts!

Mom hung this one. We have 4 like this. Its very pretty.

Sister gave this one to dad to hang up.
Sister and mom are the ones who really decorate.

Sister gave dad this one too.

This is one that the boy made when he was really really little.

This ornament sister hung up, and my grandma's friend made this one special for us.

this one was also made by grams friend.

This one was made by Sister when she was just a little kid.

This is sister's favorite ornament. Oliver. He used to sing music if you squeezed him, but now he just makes a low spitting sound.

This is a fluffy white teddy bear sister had gram hang.

More to come tomorrow!

-love, isis

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tummies and Toes Tuesday.

I'm chomping on the mini me dog sister gave me. Well, actually, her friend gave her this because it looked like me a long time ago.

She used to keep it in her car so i was always with her....

Then, i stole it from her. Carried it right in the house with me.

Its been mine ever since.

Here are my toes while i chomp.

I won't let sister any closer for toes. AND i'm not in the mood for any belly shots! i've been eating a lot of treats and things! Its the holiday, and us girls don't like shots while they've been treating themselves to cookies and fish jerky.

what? coming mom. Sorry sister. End of your photo shoot.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pay it forward, the gifts!

FIRST! i wanted to thank my good friend MINI for my christmas card! first one of the season! Thanks so much mini!

I carried it around the house and showed EVERYONE i could find! LOOK WHAT I GOT GUYS!
And i was very careful with it. I didn't get any slobber or toofy marks in it. I'm a good girl.

Look it's even got my name in it! my first card this year thats JUST mine! how exciting! take that hoomans!

Then i noticed, thats not the only thing sister brought with her. I think she's been hoarding all of my goods. Stupid sister.

I tried to eat this cd. Sister said no thats not what its for. Its my pay it forward gift from SIKU and family! I love gifts!

Then i got to see my new leash that siku sent! And it has a pin from where they live with balloons from the balloon fiesta! I'm supposed to collect pins from places i go! This will be fun!

WOW i'm really excited about this one, because sister said i can open it all by myself!

I pushed it all around the floor and into the wall to try to rip it open!

In the end, sister helped me get him out. He was trapped in some kind of top secret material! i wonder if he's a secret agent? Like James Bond?

I took Secret Agent Pumpkin Head on a tour of the kitchen. He bounces real well when sister throws him for me!

I wouldn't let sister get a good shot of him though. He's a secret agent! he doesn't need that kind of publicity!

Come with me, mr. pumpkin head. I will help you find a good office to work out of.

I suddenly lost all interest in the pumpkin head when i heard another crinkling sound... more gifts of course! I headed back to sister who was taking a picture of this:

Sammy Snacks! Treaks for people and dogs! I don't like the sound of that.
Mom and the boy wrinkled their noses at the thought of eating the same treat that i do. Sister however, popped half of one in her mouth and ate it.

I sniffed my half. So, sister wasn't dead yet. I guess they are safe for me! I nibbled on one. I will consult with mr. pumpkin whether i like it or not.

Crunch crunch.... maybe... hmm....


Some kind of GREAT fish jerky! Oh i could smell it across the room! What a lovely delightful smell!

Oh sister, i must have more.

I found a great place to eat it. Right next to dad's rocking chair, on the rug. So the little tiny bits of shavings i dont get can happily nest in the carpet until another time. :)

CRUNCH CRUNCH YUM YUM i love me some fish treats!

Thank siku and family for being so wonderful to me, (as always) you are amazing!

-big hugs and love,