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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

Dad is an excellent gardener.  He and his dad used to kind of, well compete with their gardens and tomatoes. Sister remembers whenever they would visit her grandpa's house when she was little- he would show her dad all of his plants and dad would compliment his dad, and then when grandpa would go to our house- his dad would compliment him on all he did. 
But the truth was, even to sister when she was a little girl- there was no comparison. Dad's plants always grew stronger and taller and towered above her as a child.  And she doesn't remember her grandpa's plants even coming close. She never really understood how her grandpa could try to pass of his tomato as the real thing- it was like a play garden in comparison.
Here are some shots of my dad's accomplishments - for this year.
A nice bell pepper growing happily on the plant.

Some tomatoes- remember, all the red ones are already picked- dad goes out everyday and cleans them all out way before sister gets here.
When she got here this time- dad already had three giant baskets sitting on the deck.

some white egg plant

a red bell pepper from his NEW garden in the back. yes, dad has like 2 or three gardens.

more white eggplant from the new garden.

grape vine

Grape vine growing- we will have grapes this year!
we have never grown grapes before!

Red myrtle tree dad just planted- this will be great for shade back here :)

The side view of the first garden.

So to us, we have never seen a garden that compares to dad's. 

Happy birthday dad! 
Hoping it's great!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thoughts on a thursday: thinking about an octopus.

I have this giant octopus toy.
I like him.

He is soft and fuzzy. You know why i like him don't you? because i spit all over him, and then he becomes crusty. So you know he's MY octopus. And it's always worth it when a hooman picks it up and makes that face and goes "ohhh ewwww" because they know WHY he's crusty.

He may be a bit difficult to carry these days- but we get along just fine.

Wanna play octopus? I didn't spit on this side yet.

He gets nice and crusty. Yes, he will do nicely.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Colors.

Back to the yard today to show you some colors of summer.
This is my tropical hibiscus plant. And a bug in there.  he is also enjoying the color.

Dad's banana plant- Look at it reaching for the sky!
I love how the leaves unroll out from the plant.

the banana plants in the back do not compare to the other one.  These are babies.  Next to them, you can see the beautiful lilies!

Here is some wild myrtle!  It's very pretty.
The japanese beetles love to eat the flowers.  :(

The tiger lilies!  
Sister LOVES these. She takes a million photos of them every year.

This is dad's Canna Lily.   
This is the only one bloomed right now. She is a beautiful red!

Back to the hibiscus, this one is sister's favorite color for this plant- the peach one.  So beautiful!  Can you see the little fuzzies around the stem? It looks so soft and delicate!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Duck Jerky Monday

The best part of having a nephew that has intestinal problems- like Benny who has colitis - is that he is on a very strict diet. So, when he gets special treats- and he can't have them, guess who gets them?! ME!!!!  
For his birthday- the amazing white dog army sent him some duck jerky!
Here i am having some.

They have to tear it into small pieces for me though... otherwise i tend to choke. It's this rotten age thing.

Sister missed this shot because i took the piece from her while she was shooting.

Ok more please! i love duck jerky!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Easy on a Sunday.

Ah yes the garden!   
Today the garden can rest. I will not be out there inspecting- as its WAY too hot.
I have sent my dad out to take care of it today. After all- he is not all furry like myself.

These tomatoes are getting ready to turn soon (i hope).
There are no red ones- Why? Because dad already picked those. None to photograph!


then dad's little creatures along side the pool. For a while, gram would buy a new one like almost once a month in the summer.  Finally they started breaking... so a lot aren't even here anymore.

the basil is doing exceptionally this year.

Pretty basil

This is my favorite corner. I like to hang out here. Especially when it's so darn hot outside!!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday Flamingos.

Hello! Real fast- a lot of you asked if i get to go swimming in the pool!  Well, i'm certainly allowed, and sister used to take me in all the time to cool me off- but now that i don't stand so well, i don't go anywhere near the pool. I don't like that i can't touch bottom. So, these days- i don't go for a swim there. BUT if i go to the beach- i DO lots of swimming there! i even try jumping waves! I like having my feet touching ground!
Today's post is about Flamingos. I have flamingos in my yard.
This one, is dad's. Dad has 4 of these, around the same plant.
I do not know why they are all gathered around the same plant, but they are.
And he needed four he said.

That over there is MY flamingo.  Mine stays in the house.
I only have one.

I think one is plenty.

i like to toss my flamingo.

But, it is not a REALLY cool toy- so i lose interest sometimes.

She does make a good sleep buddy.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Finally Friday.

This is mom's latest project. She is always working on something really cool.  This was a planter she got for dad, but he didn't use it. It was a plain wood color.  And it's been sitting in the garage.  SO sister asked mom why she didn't paint it, and put grapes in it, and add it to her display of grapes and things she has upstairs?

Mom decided that would be a good idea!
Here is the planter all fixed up!

I think it looks great don't you?! can't wait til it's filled with grapes!

Sister also updated the look of my blog today- because my pictures were being cut in half! how rude!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally Friday: Poolside

This is inside the tropical paradise.

Our pool. Isn't it pretty?

The flower thing on the left shoots the water into the pool making our own personal fountain. :)
I love this pool. it's so pretty!

fountain in action! I need to vacuum it again, we vacuumed just the other day, and found there was a hole in the hose!!! so all the stuff was going back in but we didn't notice until the end!
So i guess i better take over that job. Sheesh.  Hoomans.
Now i'm going to go back inside.

It's hot out there- and for some reason, my family won't let me drink from the pool- ALL that water and they won't let me have any! RUDE!  So, i'll just drink from my bowl instead.  Happy friday!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Thursday in the tropics.

Tropical paradise!

Ok, so it's just my backyard. But i had you fooled didn't i?  
Dad made our yard into our own private paradise. Who needs vacation when you can just step out the door into your own?

Doing my job well as grounds keeper.  :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's wednesday!

Sister came over yesterday for some swimming fun- and tried to take my photo.

i hide under the desk when she has the camera out. I have grown weary of it's shots and torment.
And i like to make sister real mad.  :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Update from the vet.

Hello everyone, i had my yearly check up on wednesday with a new vet this time. Dr. L.  The vaccines that dr. L uses are much safer for doggies and kitties. He gets good quality vaccines- and he cares a great deal about the animals so he actually looks into and researches each and every vaccine he uses.  

Where i used to go just used the cheapest kind they could find- Fort Dodge vaccines, and even though tons of animals were having reactions- they used them anyway.  Sister didn't feel comfortable taking me there anymore with those vaccines, so me, and all of sister's furbabies all go see dr. L for vaccines.

He took a good look at me, and said that my left eye doesn't respond to light right anymore. When you shine the light in it- it doesn't constrict anymore- it actually dilates instead. The right eye still works fine though.   My neurological issues have not progressed any in the past 2 years or so- they've seemed to just kind of stabilize.  Dr. L thinks that any changes in anything else - my walking and getting around is more due to age, and the arthritis in my back legs & hips. I have some muscle atrophy, but that is more normal as i am 10 years now.

He thinks i have a brain lesion in the right side of my brain.  He also doesn't seem concerned- and that the damage it has done is done- and it shouldn't progress. 

He said just to make sure i get the extra care and attention that i need- as my hoomans have been doing all along since the prognosis was made- but we are glad we finally have "brain lesion" as a diagnosis- and glad that this is as bad as it's going to get. No shortened life span, nothing.  We are very happy with the news.   

So now i only will be receiving a rabies shot every 3 years, and my heartworm test annually- he doesn't want me being vaccinated anymore other than  those two things- as i am old enough and with the brain issues, i shouldn't really need them anymore.

So we got good news, and hope you will join us in celebrating!