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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mansion Conclusion

Yesterday's post was a silver record in the middle of the woods behind the mansion. There is a path that leads to a two mile trail behind this mansion. Hopefully i will get to visit again tomorrow and get some more pictures of me in all my glory- here in the great outdoors! I look so nice in just about any color!

Anyway, that record in the woods. Here's a closer picture. If you didn't guess what it was yesterday, its a HUGE spider web! this one is just on the path to the right.

Here is another one much further away on the left. Sister zoomed in really close with the camera. See all the strands of silver just barely there? Its amazingly huge! Mr. spider hangs out in the middle of the web just waiting. By the looks of it, he's already caught a few meals- there are parts of the perfect circle missing!

Its amazing how perfect these webs are! Sister can't even draw a straight line! It always comes out crooked. And here, are these little tiny insects (or HUGE spiders) that are so much smaller than hoomans, that can make perfect circles. Incredible. This is a shot of the same web.

Now here is the same web without the zoom. See how far away it is? And if the light wasn't hitting it just right, and the angle, you probably wouldn't even see it. Gorgeous- yet creepy! Sister said there was no way she was getting any closer to take the photo, zoom would have to do!

Thats all for my mansion trip!


Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

Wow...those photos of the spider web are so cool! Mom doesn't like spiders too, but she also admires the webs that they's always so perfect! Like you said, gorgeous yet creepy! *grins*


Hana said...

Beautiful yet creepy!!!! I'd be scared to walk in the woods and then walk into one of those things!

Duke said...

Our mom is into huge spider webs too! She especially loves them with morning dew still on them!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch