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Monday, September 22, 2008

Mystery Guest Monday!

Today's guest is.... Angus Mhor !!

I'm learning a great new deal about kitties.

This kitty's name is Angus.

He's allowed in the backyard with his mom. She watches him and brings the camera (of COURSE!).

I'm amazed at the amount of kitties that will stay with their beans and not take off running. I was always under the impression that cats would never stay put outside.

Sister lets tesla out on her harness. She does stay close to sister... she didn't used to. She will walk over and cuddle all over her and then go and watch to eat bugs.

I wonder if Angus likes to eat bugs? I like to eat bugs too.

Angus also has some hammies that he watches out in their play pen. Once he tried to play along. His beans thought this was a threat to the hammies- although he assures us no one was harmed!

It seems like kitties get blamed for an awful lot of stuff they obviously don't do! :)

He also is EXTREMELY flexible:

Look at him go! Wow!

I can't sit like that. I think i'd break.

To sum up some things.

Our favorite things about this blog:

1. Angus is quite the handsome animal. Even if he is a cat. So, he's fun to watch.

2. His stories are a lot of fun!

3. I'm pretty sure he's the only animal in his house. So he knows what its like to be the baby in the house!

I hope that me and Angus become good friends. I really enjoy his blog!


The Meezers or Billy said...

Angus is awesome!!! we is glad that you is learning lots about kitties.

we is not allowed in the OUT.

Mini said...

I'd break!

The Devil Dog said...

We love Angus. He is a lot of fun, and is very funny. And yes, he likes spiders. yech! We couldn't read those blogs as it grossed mom out.


Daisy said...

Angus is a wonderful Mancat! I love his extra toes, too!

Hana said...

Wowie Zowie! That Angus knows how to do the splits!!!!