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Monday, May 28, 2007

Today i was outside sitting on our picnic table, actually, they caught me sleeping on it. See, i'm kind of annoyed at having to get up and have my picture taken. Especially when sister shoves her face in my face and makes me give kisses.

It was just cool enough out this morning that i could just lay around outside.

The other day i ran to the basement because it was so nice down there, and grammy turned off the light and closed the door because she didnt know i was down there! Its ok because i'm not scared of the dark, and i quietly waited for someone to find me.

This weekend my aunt was here, and she left early this morning, so i watched her drive away through the window.

Doesnt it make me look headless? Sister really has been taking a lot of pictures lately, all because of some new fancy camera she got. Its like she cant find anything more interesting to take pictures of! Its getting old. She makes me sit all still so she can take some photos. Silly sister.

Yesterday she took me outside because it was so hot and let me run through the sprinkler. It definitely made me feel better.

Good thing she didnt take any pictures of that... how embarrassing! Me being all soaked. She thinks its really cute but i dont agree.

But it does make me feel better.

Anyway, i'm going to go off and play with my moose, and i'll see you all soon.


Hana said...

Hi Isis, my name is Hana the Dog. I saw your comment on Ender's post! Welcome to the world of dog bloggin.

Hana said...

Hi again Isis. What state do you live in? You look like a large girl like me, heeeheeeee. I am 33 pounds.