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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

"George the car monkey"

Sister found an old monkey lying around in the bottom of her closet the other day. She said he used to live in her car, and his name is "George the car monkey". She decided since she didnt need him anymore, i could play with him!

Even though mom rolls her eyes and says i dont need anymore toys. But i collect them. I still have toys from when i was just a pup! That was a whole bunch of years ago.

Oh well, they're mine right? I shouldn't have to throw them away when they're old.

I'm getting kind of tired of always having to pose for pictures. I feel like that poor Pomeranian in those camera commercials.

Mom says i get to go to the beach again this weekend. I'm pretty excited about this. I love it so much! Its supposed to be getting really really hot out soon. I'm NOT excited about that.

Sister attached George to my back (his hands hook together), and i had a heck of a time getting him off. In the end, i showed him. i chewed on his face for a long time. That'll teach him.

Alright! Its getting late, so i'll be on my way. Night!

1 comment:

Casper and pals said...

Every eskie needs LOTS of toys- new and old. It's an Eskie rule that all the people need to obey!!

Woofs. Casper