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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My weekend!

Hi guys!

This weekend i went to the beach with my hoomans. It was a lot of fun. Most people get all uncomfortable with the thought of a beautiful white dog going on a sandy beach and rolling around. Silly hoomans.

Because of my hair coat, the sand rolls right off when it dries.

Even though the water was way too cold for my family, it was perfect for me. It was just the right temperature in the air that i could run and jump in waves and then curl and sleep in the sand. Under the umbrella of course.

Dad ran around with me a little bit, and sister did too.

Sometimes, after i play in the water, i like to dig a hole to the really cool sand, and sleep in that. And sometimes to play tricks on everyone, i dig a hole under their legs where they are sitting so it falls in. Then i roll over all nice for some belly rubs.

ahhhhh theres nothing like the beach and belly rubs.

it was a nice weekend for me.

hope everyone is doing well :)

1 comment:

Hana said...

Yep, I think our parents love our self-cleaning fur!!