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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day of fun.

these are some pictures from yesterday.

This is a picture of my toy that looks just like my baby. I like to carry it around with me.

Me and the baby toy thing. It used to be sisters. her friend got it for her because it looked like me. :) Now i get to have it cuz i always wanted it, and sister felt bad for moving.

I'm getting ready for halloween. i brought out my vampire toy sister got me a few years ago. he used to make halloween sounds, but i broke his sound box.

they snuck a bath in on me... i tried to hide in moms room... but they found me...

Sister then tried to clip my nails, as you can see i was having none of that. I dont get why they have to do that anyway. I've been so good! i bit her a few times, and then the only nail she cut, she cut too short! She felt so bad, she stopped and said she's gonna make my dr. do it.

Then i got to go for a car ride to pick up brother from school! see thats me in the back seat with brother. He pets me good.

Now i'm resting again cuz i'm gonna get to go hang out at sister's house, cuz the cats not there. so i can go play with her toys! hahaha!

What a long day! Today my mom and sister went shopping, but when they got home, they took me to sisters again, and i got to run around there for a while. I like when sister visits... even if it means i have to have a bath once in a while.




Lorenza said...

Hi, Isis.
Sure you have a fun day!
I love to get baths! And of course my vet is the one who cuts my nails. That is a task my mom is not able to do!
Where is the cat?
Have a good night

Girl Girl Hamster said...

I like that little baby toy that looks like you. You sure have a very busy day. :)

~ Girl girl

Dan Fickes said...

What a great blog! I'm hooked!....I have only one blog entry about my dog on my page, but be fore warned, it's a sad tale. :(