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Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Friday!

These tiger lilies will be blooming in late july.
Sister gets really excited about them every year.
last year she missed the blooming.
She was very sad about that.

See the black seeds? In August, they will start dropping, and will create more and more in the soil all by themselves. Lilies are great for that. You only need a few, and they will populate themselves.

Follow me carefully to the back of the pool. Watch your step- you don't want to fall on the pool cover! it's covered with nasty rain water. And of course, please don't smash the tadpoles.

Some lilies that bloomed in the back of the pool. Sister missed the blooming on these.

These bright pink ones have been open for a while... they're starting to wilt. What a beautiful color they are! Sister is very sad she missed them.

Here is a stray basil plant also near the pool! Dad likes to plant them around the yard! Silly dad. I like to sniff them around the yard too. :)

The cannas lilies are coming up nicely! When they bloom, hummingbirds will come to feed off of them! We already saw one in the yard looking for our flowers!

Hey! Sister! I'm down here! I think my friends want some more shots of me.

I took off running except... i slipped in a small hole....
I fell over and rolled.
Sister caught this not so pretty picture of me on my back with my
feet over the air. When she actually hit the button i was still right side up...
she had no idea i was going to fall!

The tomato plants!
Dad just threw some nice corn husks in with the soil
on father's day. These plants just LOVE that!

Pepper plants. Not doing as great. Remember we had to start again
after the rabbits ate the first batch.


Snow peas! They've taken over!
instead of growing straight up... the weight of themselves was too much,
they've fallen on the tomato plants.
We've harvested some for mom already!

Me in front of the snow peas.

Smile big!


Lacy said...

w00fs Isis, u sure has a bute ti ful will have to member corn husk fur tomato plants..ut lilys iz bute ti ful.

b safe,

Teddy Bear said...

Wow Isis, everything looks great! The flowers are beautiful and all your veggies are doing well. You must be very proud. Keep up the great work!

Teddy Bear

Duke said...

Everything is so big in your garden, Isis! We had no idea that tomatoes like corn husks! Thank you for the tip! Mom will be using them in the garden from now on!
Our lilies are just beginning to bloom! We love them too!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch