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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Colors.

Back to the yard today to show you some colors of summer.
This is my tropical hibiscus plant. And a bug in there.  he is also enjoying the color.

Dad's banana plant- Look at it reaching for the sky!
I love how the leaves unroll out from the plant.

the banana plants in the back do not compare to the other one.  These are babies.  Next to them, you can see the beautiful lilies!

Here is some wild myrtle!  It's very pretty.
The japanese beetles love to eat the flowers.  :(

The tiger lilies!  
Sister LOVES these. She takes a million photos of them every year.

This is dad's Canna Lily.   
This is the only one bloomed right now. She is a beautiful red!

Back to the hibiscus, this one is sister's favorite color for this plant- the peach one.  So beautiful!  Can you see the little fuzzies around the stem? It looks so soft and delicate!

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White Dog Blog said...

Sister's flower photos are always spectacular! And you grow such amazingly beautiful plants. Momma likes the little bug hiding on the hibiscus.