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Thursday, February 9, 2012

And that's what they called snow.

Yesterday it snowed a bit here.
This is how it started out- 
the flakes turned to water as soon as they hit anything!

you couldn't even tell for a while.

Then a few flakes tried to attach.
See them on the nice picnic table - also built by my daddy?

see it falling now?
On the benches! 
also built by dad.

The view through a window... which has a snowflake on it for winter decoration 
so we thought it would be a fun shot... seeing the snow through it...

The snow without the snowflake in the picture- same window.


Ben snuck out to drink the melting snowflakes that were rolling off the chairs.

I stayed inside. That's not real snow.
And, sometimes these days the cold hurts my hips. 
I'll stay in here where it's less damp.  
Let me know when the real snow arrives.


White Dog Blog said...

Your dad is VERY talented, Isis. And you are very smart to stay inside where your hips are warm and to send Ben out for the weather forecast. He is there to do your bidding.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Wow, that snow looks fun! We don't get snow often in the south. Your daddy is very talented to build such great furniture!