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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hello all!

It's sure been a long time since i posted! i hadn't realized so much time had passed me by!


I wanted to say, baby was brought into this world only 4 days after my last post! wow! she's almost six months already.   She keeps sister very very busy- so blogging doesn't get done half as much as it should!

Here in my world, things are different.  Benny, from has come to live here with me. Although i'm not super fond of sharing my humans, i do what i need to.  We do play, and bark at things together, and take lovely walks every day together with my dad.

Since i'm not as great with my steps-  Ben helps a lot with the yard work. ALthough i am still general grounds keeper- he's in training to help a lot so i can relax.  I'm going to be 11 this year after all, and i need a bit of a hand.

I still get special rides in the car without him, he stays home with dad and mom and grammy and i go for nice rides to the store, and i still get special walks without him occasionally. And even though ben is a bit jealous, my humans like to make sure i remember i am the princess and the ruler of this house.   And ben gets it to. He does very well for a smelly little bugger.

If only he would stop trying to eat my food.

I like to tease him with my cookies too. Since he has colitis he can't have milk bone cookies- so i like to show them to him and growl.   That'll teach him who's in charge.

I am not doing as well these days as i used to... i tend to get slightly disoriented at times, and i can't really get up and down the steps as i used to. mom has to help me a lot.  I don't need her to carry me all the time- because i like to do things for myself, but i like to have her standing nearby. When i need her, i bark, and she comes and just guides me down the steps- just in case i make a wrong step.

My mom is worried about me.   I can't do really long walks anymore like i love, and like i've always done, my legs and back just can't handle it anymore.   Even though my spirit and heart are ready and willing- and i'll NEVER turn a walk down- my body just doesn't listen to my head much anymore.

I hope to be able to post more often about me and my new little stinky brother benny.

Love to you all,


TimberLove said...

Harrooo Isis! It's good to hear from woo! Sorry to hear your are not doing so well, my booty doesn't work like it used to either. #1 takes me on walkies by myself too, I like to just meander and sniff stuff. Love to you Isis!


Duke said...

How wonderful to hear from you, Isis! My Maggie was having problems with steps and distance walkies too.

Love ya lots,

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Hi Princess Isis,
This is Andy Stanley. I am Mack's little brother. My brother was really sick, and he was going to be getting a cart from before he died. Sadly, he didn't ever get that far. It might be something you and your people could talk about. Also, the vet we go to does acupunture, but I know your Mommy worked at or still works at a vet's office, so I know she knows all about this stuff. It really helped Mack to get better for the time he had.

Shane Kent Louis said...

Wow, Isis, were glad that we see you again and were so excited to know if you have a valentines day this february. :D

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White Dog Blog said...

We think it is only suitable for a Princess to have a manpup servant! That is what Benny is...your own personal attendant to do your bidding so you can pose regally and relax. And sweet friend, don't worry about slowing down and forgetting is just part of life. Enjoy the good days, ask for help when you need it, and lay low on the not so good days...that is advice from my brother Quinn who has the same issues. I am so glad you are blogging again for I have missed you so.

Teddy Bear said...

It's so great to hear from you, Isis.:) You and Benny must be making lots of fun memories together. We've missed you.

Teddy Bear & Sierra