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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy On a Sunday: The Grapes.

Mom bought this planter for dad. 
It was a pale light wood color.
Sister said... why not stain it, and put some grapes in it?
Then this happened.
The plant dangling at the top- is all real, it's so long it can go up and down the stairs probably twice.
But the plant in the basket is fake.

Old columns sister bought mom that were plain white
And mom painted,
added a vase, some more grapes. 
The draping plant on top- real.
dark leaves and leaves flowing down column- fake.
Leaves going around the banister? real.

More draping real plant
and fake and column :)

ben posing.

look in the basket

i'm downstairs- i didn't want to go up.  
My hips need a break.

vase and grapes.


giant Egyptian fans. Just seemed to fit in!

those, are our grapes.


The Florida Furkids said...

Wow, we're impressed!

The Florida Furkids

White Dog Blog said...

Wow Isis, that is VERY impressive! We did not know really grape vines could grow inside.