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Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Star!

My friends over at the Forty Paws blog are really cool. We just LOVE that title too!

these kitties have the life.

they also make hammicks!

and are currently selling them to the blogosphere!

they seem to have the coolest cat towers. Sister would love to get one for tesla... but now tesla has issues and can't be out alone. She has separation anxiety. This weekend i'll tell you all about what she did!

But right now. lets enjoy these paws.

we hope you enjoy these pictures of my friends!


The Meezers or Billy said...

we loves forty paws - Dorfie is my toothless brother from another mother brother. - Miles

Daisy said...

I love Forty Paws, too! And I am very envious of their beautiful outdoor enclosure.

White Dog Blog said...

Hi Isis
I am starting to feel better today...not quite so icky! Tell Sister I am taking clavamox twice a day which dad hides in peanut butter and then wraps in bacon (because otherwise I spit out the capsule, lick off the pb and leave the pill)

All the kitty pictures on your blog today made me bark and bark at the computer screen! But none of the cats seemed scared!

White Dog Blog said...

Someday when you and Sister come visit we will watch the balloons from where we can't hear them because the propane firing hurts our ears but if Sister is not afraid of heights she could go up and we could wave at her way up high! Balloon flights are pretty cool...Steve has gone up several times but mom is too scared!

Anonymous said...

We like the outdoor fing they has, we wish we hads one too!

George the Pup said...

Wow - that would be the coolest thing, living with all those kitties!

Thank you so much for the award, I'll make sure that Mommy helps me get it posted as soon as possible (she hasn't been helping me blog much lately).

Mommy and I also wanted to say thank you so much for the thoughts about my Granddaddy. It' been difficult, but all the kind words have helped - thank you.

George and Mommy

Forty Paws said...

Oh My Gosh! We're on your blog!!! How totally cool is that? Maybe Sister can get a cage for Tesla like we have? It's SO GREAT!

Luf, Us