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Friday, December 11, 2009

Finally Friday: Christmas Fun

Here are some decorations around the house.

Lots of christmas ornaments hanging from EVERYTHING.
We're pretty serious about christmas around here.
Well, at least MOM'S part turns out real good.
Dad is only in charge of the lights.
Lets just say,
there's a reason we never show our lights.

Here are some Poinsettia flowers.
they're poisonous to pets.
Good thing i don't eat plants!!!!
Actually, i don't eat anything i''m not supposed to.
Except stealing socks and hats and shoes,
i don't eat them. i just like the thrill of the chase.
Can you blame me?


White Dog Blog said...

I love holiday photos of your house. Everything is so very Christmas-y! I am VERY glad that you don't eat plants; it would be awful if you got sick. I so understand what you mean about the thrill of the chase but I use my stuffies...and dryer sheets!

Teddy Bear said...

Everything looks very pretty, Isis. Your pawrenst have done a great job with the decorations! Can we see the lights? Pretty please?

Teddy Bear